REVIEW: Glampire - "Soft White Ghetto"

By Sean Hexed

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The Soft White GhettoGlampireMy first reaction upon popping this disc into my player was "Ooooh! Sort of a spooky Jamiroquai!" Some people would undoubtedly read that as a slam on Glampire and his music, but I meant it in a good way. But unfortunately, it was still selling this CD way short. My first impression was far from inaccurate, but it was definitely far too shallow. Glampire has a lot of soul. A lot of glam-pop. And a whole lot of feeling.

This is music that appeals to the happier, more upbeat side of your psyche, but at the same time infiltrates you with deeply emotional lyrics. There are songs about regret and songs about overcoming those that would see you fail. Songs about prejudice and songs about enlightenment. And they're all served up with a sweetness of sound and a sense of optimism. Even the sad tracks on the album still have an implied optimism and a feeling that things always get better.

The songs on Soft White Ghetto are varied enough to make for an interesting listen whilst never traveling outside the boundaries of the Glampire sound. And a very ecclectic sound it is. I'm hearing elements as varied as Red Kross, Terrence Trent D'arby, and Stevie Wonder whilst still maintaining a darker aesthetic. A mixture of electric and acoustic instruments combined with electronics, samples and various vocal effects all come together in Glampire's music to form a unique brand of pop that is infectious and triggers your "ass shaking" reflex.

Standout tracks on this disc are People Like You, Halloween in July, Took it out on You, and The Risk of Beauty. And of course, all for very different reasons. This isn't to discount the other tracks on the CD, though. All in all it's a very solid disc for anyone that this music will appeal to. And that is not everyone. But I will say that I sure am glad that I'm one of them.

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