REVIEW: Murder of Crows - "Under the Flesh"

By Rat Bastard

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Under the FleshFrom the Emerald City flies Murder of Crows. They're not a group of birds nor are they an atrocious act, but they are most definitely a rock n' roll band.

Under the Flesh, the band's first full length effort, showcases a blend of raw and dirty guitars, bass, and drums, which are quite reminiscent of early deathrock acts such as (Rozz Williams') Christian Death and 45 Grave. Unlike these acts, however, Murder of Crows has a consistently talented singer (sidenote: I think I've just managed to alienate just about every deathrock fan with one fell swoop... I guess that pissing off synthpoop fans with my past flippant remarks just wasn't enough.). Vocalist Winter Jaye has a strong voice, not dissimilar from a Scream-era Siouxsie Sioux. She easily matches the ferocity of the music, while occasionally providing an almost ethereal contrast at times.

As I have mentioned, Murder of Crows' sound is quite gritty and stripped-down. However, it is certainly not dull. The music is full of enough riffs, grooves, tempo changes and assorted melodies to please short attention spans and cause a dancefloor full of ravers to teleport to a galaxy far far away (physically, that is…they tend to be already halfway there on the mental level).

In short: All fans of gritty and aggressive (yet melodic and catchy), rock music should check out Murder of Crows. If Strange Rain or Saint of Killers don't suck you in, then you need new ears.

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