Sarcasm's Passing

by Jeff Franzmann

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I was at the club the other week and entered into a discussion with a friend of mine regarding the current state of protest language.

The discussion began when I pointed out the 'Jesus is a Cunt' t-shirt worn by one individual in the club, complete with masturbating, naked nun on the front. I commented that it would seem subtlety had died a gruesome death some time ago.

It was at this point that Erik informed me of the untimely passing of Sarcasm. I was shocked, really, having been very close to Sarcasm, but Erik reminded me that it was usually the people closest to something that are the last to hear of its passing.

Evidently, it was an inspiring ceremony. Juxtaposition and Morbid Curiosity were the pallbearers, and the presence of Happenstance was a surprise, considering Enmity usually kept them apart.

Eloquence was supposed to give the eulogy, but as ever, in the presence of Sarcasm, Eloquence was speechless.

It went on like this for some time, Erik telling me of Inspirations dull remembrances which were constantly being interrupted by Dry Wit.

I asked Erik why so many of them were no longer around, seeming to have disappeared at about the same time as Sarcasm.

It seems the lot of them were involved in a horrific accident after the funeral, Tragic Irony at the wheel.

Copyright © 2000 by Jeff Franzmann.

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