by Shae

Chain Border

Fear of dreaming, loosing more of myself.. Long days and cold creep inside.
not alive, not dead.


She waits, with laughter hidden and love buried, inside, along side. She
screams silent, tears fall endless

She looks for herself but finds only a hollow shell Burned and scared by the
days gone She dreams of nights filled with warmth. still she cries, see me,
hear me... I am not invisible.

Lost in a closet dark and comforting like a womb. Calling out to no one,
reaching out to nothing.

Why does she drown when there is no water?

Clutching herself with a simulated hug. Trying to breathe

Long ago they stole her voice and brought her tears instead. Long ago they
ripped her soul away with icy crooked fingers.

She cries alone in her closet, closed eyes and her past.
Ghosts of emptiness fill her waking moments. She sits and waits till the end
of her story.

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