Editor's Notes

By Marcus Pan

Welcome once again to Legends…this time to Issue 11. Well, we've passed the big "one-oh" with Issue 10, and it seems the magazine is doing very well. It seems to be enjoyed by many people, and that's what we're here for.

Well, we drag you back to the world of reality this issue with our VIETNAM SPECIAL…Our feature article this month is the first part of a Mini-Series entitled Vietnam Mini-Series (quite an interesting title, eh?). FIRST BLOOD is the name of this one, and it is quite a story of the Vietnam War.

We also bring "When They Come Home" by a retired Captain from the Vietnam War, and an original essay by yours truly entitled "Heroes?" I want to stress that some of these articles may be quite graphic and/or radical in their views, almost left-wing in a strange way. But we hope none take offense, and the issue is thoroughly enjoyed by most if not all our readers.

Thank you for reading Legends Magazine…