Rants & Essays


By Marcus Pan

I can't understand something. There is something that is going on in this world right now that is nearly driving me out of my mind. How can the men who were sent to the Gulf War be considered heroes? First of all, some of them probably never had to fire a bullet. Second of all, they were barely over there for a month. Third of all, it was one of the most pussiest wars ever witnessed. So how are they heroes? Don't take me wrong. Yes, I think they did a good job. But the main point that I don't understand is this: These guys go over there for maybe a month, win a pussy war and come home considered heroes. But the brave men who fought in the hellish Vietnam War were there for years, went through a living hell in the jungles of Vietnam not knowing what the hell to expect in the nearest treeline and come home as "baby killers?" That's what I don't get.

How can men who served their country so grandly in days of hell living in the jungles and fishing out the Viet Cong soldiers (Charlie) come home from performing terrible feats, complete with nightmares and really terrible war wounds not be considered heroes? No...people spit in their faces and called them "baby killers", wouldn't employ them and let them rot in the stinkin' streets. What kind of shit is that to come home to after pulling the shit they did in Vietnam? Now these Gulf War soldiers come home after spending a month or so in the gulf, watching specials by celebrities, treated like kings and win a pussy war come home to ticker-tape parades, comedy specials, songs ("Voices That Care") and are told that they are heroes. Well, let me tell you this much. If I were a Vietnam veteran, I'd be madder than a pissed-on rattlesnake.

I don't get it. What special shit did these guys perform when compared to the feats of the Vietnam American veterans? I'll tell you. It's like comparing Mickey Mouse to Superman. Give me a break and come to terms with reality, world.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 11.