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It's pretty interesting to think that now as I write this closing to Legends #110 I now have three decades under my proverbial belt. Also it is interesting to note that for more than a third of that time I have been putting together this here rag. I really mean to sit down and write a continuing series to complement the Legends First Five Years which appeared a few years or so back (I don't feel like looking it up) and talk about what we've done in the latter half of Legends' lifetime. But I haven't yet.

Next month we'll be seeing the continuing story of Disoriented - Lee's hard at work on the next batch of images already. Also, we're looking at the return of Sue Simpson, possibly a bit of sci-fi from Jeff Franzmann (I haven't decided on that one yet, but rest assured we have some new pieces coming with illustrations by Zubrovka). You'll see a new reviewer crop up (this same Zubrovka) stepping up in the future as some of our other fellows step down, and I'll be punishing the Mean Little Man's absence this month by making him review a couple too (ok, not really, I'm going to beg). And next month will be the debut of our new comic people when The Parking Lot Is Full ( debuts in Legends #111 and continues onward thereafter, as the PLIF guys and myself have just settled the issues surrounding the scheduling and printing of their comic. And I must say, it comes at a great time as the hate mail I typically get has dropped. I hit 30 and suddenly I'm not able to rise the dander of the typical imbecile? Extremely not fair - but The Parking Lot Is Full should help me raise the bar of evilness once again. Huzzah 'n shit.

Alrighty, kiddies. I have nothing more to say.

Peace, Love and All the Trimmings (but NOT the FAT…)

Marcus Pan
April, 24, 2001 @ 7:18PM
(It's been 3 days. I'm 30 now…damn.)

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