REVIEW: Eternia - "From Dugeon's Luxury of Doubt"

By Mike Ventarola

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EterniaAustralian born David Quinn, is the founding member of Eternia. Quinn had been active in his homeland's gothic scene for countless years prior to his migration to the UK. Eternia's work has had the advantage of being included on a number of gothic radio shows as well as compilation inclusions that crossed the continents. Thus far Belgium, Germany, and Australia have been privy to music that we in the States are only discovering now.

Quinn basically played and recorded all the music layered on the disc. One can't help but feel a sense of admiration at his musical talent as well as his ability to tailor the final production and mix down. All tracks were recorded in Quinn's home-based studio, with some backing vocal assistance from his partner Katy. The vocals are very well delivered and showcase the ability to delve between the deep booming bass to the mid range tenor. Katy is episodically filtering through the layers of songs to add tone and texture to the music.

The disc opens with the ever-popular Rain, which has a sound reminiscent to Clan of Xymox. This track is club friendly in terms of commercial goth dance music. It marries guitars with electronics to make it a rather pleasant addition for playlists and is clearly the strongest song on this CD.

The 8 songs on this EP all showcase the artist's unique talent for encapsulating pensive lyrics around searing guitars, expert vocals, and pulsating electro beats. The songs seem to merge the popular styles of the goth underground from a cross section of areas. As of late, reports seem to indicate a growing trend towards more gothic metal in Europe, while here in the States, it is slowly being watered down with more keyboard and dance elements. Quinn manages to marry both elements without letting either one fully take control over the sound.

The only song that seemed to detract from this great collection was Why I Hate Children, which for some reason seemed to require a tad bit more tweaking. The vocals seemed to lose some of the confidence in the delivery that was evident in the other tracks. Considering that Quinn did all the work to bring this EP to fruition, one can overlook one cut out of the bunch that didn't quite meet the standards he set out with the others. The remaining selections are an excellent homage to all that has been good in the gothic underground, providing the essential moody driven guitars that sweep with pulse beating electronics. Another reviewer, Jett Black, mentioned that these are excellent accompaniments for a rainy day. I must wholeheartedly concur with his observation as the gray, cloudy backdrop seems to make the songs really come alive.

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