REVIEW: Gebrauche-Musik - "Foreign Calling"

By Henry G Angeles

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Foreign CallingThe motion-inviting Gebrauche-Musik's Foreign Calling CD casts a unique blend of infectious dark disco-electro with an intense collection of worldy emotions. The background beats signify a strength of lite-Euro popbeat spices and a lavish appetite for cultural appreciation and expression. This act agrees with the heart of Ultravox and the soul of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode.

G-M has been on the scene since the project was started by two close friends, Sergey Trosman and Ted Blank in 1986. The German term "gebrauche musik" means "to use music." No wonder there's an obvious fondness for mid-classical and europop auras mixing with their own electronic curve. The vocals aren't just foreign to most EBM listeners, but also show a crunchy and less haunting technique. The beats along with the "down" lyrics create a tasty and quenching experiment for the depressed and wanting dark-n-dance soul.

An interesting angle to discover on the face of G-M music is that the creation of mood twists and themes partly dominate their style. One can easily feel a bit of semi-80s cut-n-hip and on the other way can go slide-n-rock on a complicated ultra-mod gothic techno. The atmosphere surrounding the layers of G-M craft isn't wild, crazy, insane and hellish. The good thing is that it's made for a soothing and behaved attitude that never fades all throughout the playing. Never fades and never stops partying.

It's very far from a techno futurity, so if you'll be coming from Mars/MIR and wanting to tick, float and bounce - forget about this. The gravity of their music floats on a deeper play with the tempting gothness and the essence of words. Several slices of themes colorfully decorate the whole album, as one can easily take notice of some semi-Latino, mid-Carribean or lite-funk-Jamaican pumps.

The first track Bronze encourages listeners to take notice of another power-method that will create a wide-open space for the magical fusion of delicious synth-pop with dark sketches. There's of course no reason not to visit other special attractions on this G-M CD. Hell Night, Sure Thing, Someone Special, Girls in Black and Foreign Calling are truly worth your visit. With a dark techno group like Gebrauche-Musik, not even a single dancefloor would refuse to take a turn for it. The swings of the songs prepare a moody electro that lightly flows on a party format.

Contact Information:
Post: Disband At Dawn Media, P.O. Box 41, Canandaigua, NY, 14424

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