MP3: The Music Revolution

By Mike Ventarola

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Before we get to the topics at hand, an underground Internet moment is in order:

*** Joey Ramone 1951-2001 ***

Joey Ramone, lead singer of legendary punk band the Ramones, passed away at 2:40 p.m. Sunday, April 15 at the age of 49.

Rest in peace and Godspeed!

Some financial words of warning: If you happen to have a credit card from either MBNA, Discover or Providian, it is in your best interest to pay those bastards off immediately and cancel the cards. I have been collecting credit card horror stories and these 3 stand above all the others on slimy treatment towards the customer. These companies will NOT work too well with the cardholder to lower a high interest rate, yet they will offer a 2.9% rate to new customers. Get rid of the cards and just use a debit card if you can. The 3 named above will give you a ton of credit to let you fall into a hole and then gouge you at the throat later on.

Expect a full reporting on credit card woes and horror stories shortly!

Rhea's Obsession is slated for a re-release of their first CD Initiation which also includes The Mudra Remixes, available Tuesday, May 22. This will be available for worldwide distribution by Metropolis Records. For more information:

Internet Businesses with great integrity:

I bet most of you didn't know that kaRin from Collide also has a great online business where she distributes handmade cases such as cigarette cases, condom cases, wallets and many other fine hand crafted quality merchandise. The prices are reasonable, the designs are phenomenal, and the service is very fast. For more information regarding these great items:

Other businesses you may wish to look into:

Homemade candles with all assorted delicious scents for your goth home:

Cemetery Surplus:
This shop is usually on Ebay, but you can order direct from their site as well. They give great, fast and efficient service for a reasonable price. Lots of morbidly delightful goodies can be found here!

THE BUZZ FACTOR -- Bob Baker's music marketing tip sheet

Convergence 7: Forget the politics, it's all about the MUSIC and this year's feature artists include Claire Voyant and Neurepublik!

These two bands are among some of the nicest folks you could ever want to meet in the underground. They don't have any pretensions and one can't help but cheer for their success!

Amethystium, the Norwegian artist who closely resembles the early Enigma sound has recently inked a deal with EMI records. You can sample some of this lush Gregorian and Sanskrit-like chanting and ethereal mood music at

Goth and Synthpop fans: If you haven't had a chance to hear the band S.P.F.1000 you are surely missing out on some great hybrid style sounds that incorporates the best from both worlds. Their latest track sounds very similar to VNV Nation. Their other work maintains the creepiness while still delivering a driving dance beat that is making the crowds go wild out west!

Judith, that great New York goth band, is about to launch their latest CD Play of Light any day now! You can hear some promo samples on Mp3 at

Mindless Faith have some songs posted on MP3 for your pleasure. This Industrial band has seduced just about every zine writer from coast to coast with this great new CD Manifest Destiny. Song samples at

Mors Syphilitica are now being distributed by Projekt Records! For those of you who missed out on their earlier work due to the CD going out of print, here is your chance to catch up on some great favorites!

Ren Faire Lovers Alert!

If you like Renaissance Fairs then you will most likely ADORE the latest The Soil Bleeds Black release entitled Quintessence, due out in May 2001 on World Serpent (England). This work also resonates well for pagans as well considering this new release has titles for all the elements such as fire, water, earth and air. Song samples can be heard at

NEW HOT TIP: The Soil Bleeds Black will also be on the forthcoming Middle Pillar Presents CD Tree of Life compilation. It is themed around the kabalistic sephiroth and the occult qualities of this ancient magical system. It promises to be enlightening AND very intense!

The Unquiet Grave Volume 3 is about to be launched and many folks from the Hidden Sanctuary have been included. For more information go to

Stevie Nicks' new CD Trouble In Shangri-la, is due out May 1, 2001.

Anticipate the following Echo and the Bunnymen CD Flowers to be released May 22.

The mother of Punk, Nina Hagen, has a new CD out called Return of the Mother, which is currently available as an import with a hefty $25.99 price tag to match.

Clan of Xymox recently released Subsequent Pleasures on April 24.

Type O Negative released The Least Worst Of on October 31, 2000 which is a greatest hits CD that includes rare, unreleased and remixed tracks as well as three new songs.

Until next time, keep tuning in to for your musical streams and downloads.

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