REVIEW: Terebelam - "Vampire Nights"

By Henry G Angeles

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TerebelamThe power of Terebelam is something that's extraordinary for the audio and the senses. It has a unique way of cooking substance with noise and art with terror. Relative to a sound machine, as louder as it can get and as liberal as it can be. Now, you know already about their audio-factor. That's only half the story.

Terebelam is nothing new in the industry. It has garnered fans from Texas to the Philippines and everywhere on the Internet. The line-up is actually interesting soon as you get to hear the whole album. You'd be anxious to find out who the hellmakers are behind the vampiric treat of 15 ear-blowing tracks. The vocals of The Lash isn't a foolish babble nor a silly nibble. Every utterance is dark, every hellish gobble twists, every scream torments, every sound loads energy, and every accent defies the power of anguish and rage. There's a strong gravitational power within the pitches and attitude. Zandretta displays a noticeable clever preference for chemistry of sound as he invades the Vampire Night with his guitar. Tyr Stragus on the other hand would just make you define everything heard in countless ways - simply adorable bass lickings.

Interesting about their Vampire Nights CD is the different approach for a heavy metal music. There's a totally delightful component found within and a fascination for additive, techno flavors. It's made up of a full-loaded feast, wildness and generosity to the inspirations of suffering, pain, agony, hate and other dolorous stuff that would leave the air and ground unstable all vampire-night long.

The breath of black techno and scent of dark wave are strongly sensed. The first track, Rage has a bit of industrial flow and it has a fully horrifyingly shattered structure. Next is Vampire Sight. Although there's a bit of semi-crashes on vox recording, the total energy lives on the invasion of the chorus. Drama is set on the guitars and everything's moving. Soul visiting Darkness is as eerie as it gets. Other potential faves include Blow You Away, The Needle, Sureal and I'm a Machine.

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