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Ok kiddies, you've done it. Hit the end of another month. A trying month it was too, but we're kicking out the issue a bit late but done.

Next month we have a usual collection of good stuff, leading off with a double comic hit by The Parking Lot Is Full, our newest feature! More raw and damning evidence from these guys next month. Shift your eyes left for an immediate dose now if you haven't already!

Eric L. Busby returns with the fourth chapter in his gothic thriller, more art by Lee Alverson adorning it, and Sue Simpson is back yet again with more fiction to tickle your horror bone. Also coming back after a bit of an absence is Jeff Franzmann with our new short-story series, Another Day with illustrations by one of our new music reviewers as well - Zubrovka.

Wilde will be back for one last time before he takes a powder from writing with his essay on Belief Systems, and we also debut fiction by Angel Wylde and another essay by Shae. Additionally, you'll begin to see these two more in the future as both of them have signed onto the music review staff and I intend on taking full advantage of their writing generosity as some of our past reviewers are either taking vacations or have disappeared (Sean Hexed, Wilde, Catherine de Leon, etc.) so their signing onto the staff along with Zubrovka comes at a great time.

In music reviews I'll be throwing up a lot of pages in this regard myself, and you'll see full length write ups concerning Scarlet Life, Zakas, 9XDead, Genetic Mishap (a double shot here) and more. The Off The Shelf column dips into graphic novels, science fiction and humorous adventure. And we'll hopefully cap it off with Mike Ventarola's MP3: The Music Revoluation and The Mean Little Column.

Marcus Pan, Editor
June 3rd, 2001 @ 3:19AM

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