REVIEW: Call Me Alice - "2000"

By Wilde

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Call Me AliceWell. Hailing from San Diego, CA, the band Call Me Alice consists of Jude on keys, Crosby on vocals, Epiphany on bass, and "the THRaWN" [sic] on percussion. Seemingly a product of the Switchblade Symphony-Marilyn Manson "goth metal" axis, they've put together a disc and a general modus operandi that's both annoying, ridiculous, and really good technically. How, may you ask, is this done? Well, here's the deal. These folks have built a KISS/GWAR style rock mythos around themselves and seem to stick to it, said mythos being that they're patients in some sort of cosmic asylum and there's an anthropomorphic force called "Natural Law" out to get them. Silly, but no sillier than some of the stuff other bands have come up with. Well, not much sillier, anyway. The disc itself has a data track, with an autolaunching Flash movie with band bios, etc. It's well done, but if the sucker had a virus payload, this would be one severely annoyed rock critic. As for the music itself...

Bald - This is your basic 80s-rock track, lite-metal style, with dreck lyrics that, while they're fairly incoherent, fit the band's basic theme of incoherency in general.

Electrical Jesus - Bouncy and funk-tinged, this track again has pretty incoherent lyrics, but they don't really detract from the track. It's fairly danceable, if not particularly compelling.

Bugs in the Mirror - This is a fairly straight goth rock track. It's the sort of thing that your average goth club audience would probably like, although not be really wild about; interesting, but not earthshaking. At least it's danceable.

Life 101 - Here we have more of a solo-listening sort of track, a moody cheez-metal ballad sort of thing.

I really want to dislike this band, but they're just good enough to pull off this blatantly ridiculous act, which is impressive in and of itself. This is an interesting if not particularly memorable offering, perfect for those who feel the need for an odd band to make cryptic fan-cult references to. And lose the Flash, kids; save it for the website or label the CD appropriately next time.

Contact Information:
Post: P.O. Box 83205, San Diego, CA 92138
Phone: 760-643-0942

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