REVIEW: Die My Darling - "Sleep"

By Wilde

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Die My DarlingThis "maxi-single," self-released by Die My Darling, an LA-based goth/industrial band (yes, another one), consists of two real tracks and a bunch of remixes thereof. DMD, consisting of Sean D. (vox), Reiche (guitars, programming), Lance Duber (guitars), and Entropy (guitars II: revenge of guitars), started on this particular path in May 2000 and come off sounding vaguely like a cross between the Cramps and White Zombie, albeit without any rockabilly vibe whatever. It's an odd mixture. The vocals are a mixture of slightly campy spoken word and industrial yelling, with the great bulk being the former. Mix this with a drum machine, random synths and a pantload of guitars, and you've got this album. I'll tell you what, though, it's a good thing they don't take themselves too seriously; style wise, they're more or less what the Japanese would call a "visual" band. As for the substance:

Sleep - Starts out with a bit of low string guitar, with some whistling-wind sound effects. This track actually strikes me as humorous. The vocals are a campy spoken word rant by Sean, interspersed with loud guitars and the occasional piano chord over a trudging beat.

Pain - This one starts out a lot more industrial than the first track; it almost sounds like Devo in places, then goes briefly into a Queensrychean soaring-guitars bit. On into the main riff, which is basic heavy metal crunch. Again, the vocals here are mostly spoken word, although the shouted chorus is more metal/industrial.

Sleep (Sleepless Remix) - More or less the same thing here as the first track, just with a slightly more complicated beat and distortion on the vocals.

Sleep (Insomnia Remix) - This one's a more synthesized take on Sleep, with random samples and electronics.

Sleep (Night Terrors Remix) - Here we have a simply whacked out version. With sampled screams, hollow percussion and guitars, this reminds me a bit of what Rob Zombie did with How to Make a Monster on Hellbilly Deluxe; that is, took a perfectly good track and ruined it through openly weird mixing.

Overall, these guys sort of remind me of a more amusing, low-key Powerman 5000 or Monster Magnet, albeit with a bit too much synthesizer to be true metal. They sound intensely silly at first listen, but tend to grow on you. Not brilliant, but not really bad either. It'll be interesting to see where these guys go with this.

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