Editor's Notes

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It's been a really rough month here at the office. Hopefully y'all will forgive the lateness of this issue, but I think the material we bring you this month can help speak for itself. Wilde has really jumped into this issue in a heavy way, bringing us a large assortment of full length CD reviews and we see our first music review from Zubrovka as well. Additionally, Studio Zubrovka (check out www.legendsmagazine.net/pan/rayn/zubrovka) helps sponsor this issue of Legends Magazine to help keep us going and doing what it is we do.

This month's interview with Jim Thirwell (Foetus) is killer and the cover is the greatest. Much thanks to Rev. Daryl Litts, this month's cover designer as well as the man commissioned to create our new logo which debuted only two months ago. Being overworked as we move on these days, I jumped at his offer to create the entire cover without my needing to do much of anything. So thanks man.

I really have to get moving. June is hitting in less than 30 hours and I'm on page 4 of that month's issue…so rather than blather much here I'm going to immediately jump into things. Thanks for reading, I hope to see more bands and labels helping us out with advertising purchases and sponsorships. You can still pick up online banner rotations at Legends Online for 50% off up to the 25th slot, so hurry up before someone else beats you to it. Thanks to Studio Zubrovka and Collide, our latest two sponsors! See Zubrovka's ad in the back of this issue.

Marcus Pan
May 30th, 2001

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