REVIEW: Ginger Leigh - "Broken by the World"

By Wilde

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Ginger LeighCompared to everything from the Stooges to Big Black and Lou Reed, the only thing that seems to tie various descriptions of Ginger Leigh's music together is their incomprehensibility. It's been labeled as low-fi, experimental and avant-garde, all of which are code words for "we're not sure what to make of this, but it sounds vaguely impressive and arty." It's the sort of album that keeps rock critics employed and listeners alienated unless they're severely stoned.

Black Hair - This track is tinny and metallic as all hell. It starts out with random electronic noise and a sort of catchy riff that sounds vaguely like the Stooges. The vox are the standard vaguely-contemptuous style favored by some punk bands and Ozzy on his bad days. This stuff is interspersed with some somewhat Islamic-sounding samples. The predominant effects are what sound like vacuum cleaners and fans. This is an amazingly obnoxious track, sure to appeal to the musically pretentious everywhere.

Thirteen - Starts off sounding vaguely hurdygurdyish. Then there's a percussion hit, and the track's over in under a minute.

Children of God - This is industrial crunch with odd orchestral overlays. No vox, severely repetitious. There's a brief interlude of light tropical percussion, then back to the crunch. Some distorted, wordless singing is introduced late in the track.

Little Angels - Here's another syncopated riff, with tambourines and vague wailing in the background. Occasionally there's the odd orchestral string hit, squeak like a disgruntled dolphin, or background muffled metallic tinkling.

Broken by the World - This one is all cheesy 60s folk-pop. That's pretty much it.

Waiting for the Apocalypse - This is just tribal drums with air raid sirens going off in the background.

Like Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, this album is the sort of thing that rock critics play for their friends when they want them to go home and not come back. The only real track is the first one; the rest are just sonic noodling. If you want something to impress the easily impressed and alienate people on demand, for g*th's sake, buy this record now. If you want something you can actually listen to on your own, stay as far away as possible.

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