REVIEW: Hollydrift - "Hail the Frozen North"

By Wilde

Chain Border

HollydriftConsisting of Mathias Anderson, Wisconsin ambient outfit Hollydrift incorporates found sound in its electronic compositions. This offering is a self-produced and rather interesting ambient/noise disc. Here's a look at the tracks:

Smile for Me - Starting off, this sounds like music from a Puppetoons Xmas special, with CB radio in the background. The bulk of the track is random noise, with howling wind. Later in the track there's a bit of spoken word.

Lost in Flight - This one starts off with a light trip hop beat, overlaid by wailing electronic noise. The vocals here are very low-mixed, with echo and distortion. It almost has a bit of an Angelo Badalamenti or Brian Eno feel to it.

Buried by the Briar - More CB here, mixed in with static and more of the distorted wailing from the last track. This evolves into a more complicated electronic wash, with some spoken word vocals and horns. It eventually devolves back into random machine noise, with some slightly distorted vocals (a weather report, specifically).

This disc would probably have some appeal to noise fans, with a little soundtrack/trip hop crossover potential. It's fairly unusual, although pretty accessible for an ambient album.

Contact Information:
Post: P.O. Box 620552, Middleton, WI, 53562-0552

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