MP3: The Music Revolution

By Mike Ventarola

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Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. That can only mean one thing: tons of new releases and more gigs to go to than is humanly possible!

May has been a very active month for many all the way around. Before we get to the news at hand, I want to highlight another goth business I found that you may appreciate.

Tara's Graphics carries T-shirts up to a 3X and goth jewelry to die for! This little shop came to my attention through one of my street team contacts who had nothing but great things to say about them. In addition, the site offers an online radio AND video show, including RARE Sisters of Mercy concert footage. If you would like to peruse their site, simply go to

Mi2N's B2N, Business Net News, was the first to break the news to the MP3 community about the VIVENDI UNIVERSAL acquisition. Basically the company that started a revolution with unsigned artists on the net has now been sold to the corporate labels. Despite the claims that this move was made to "strengthen digital distribution capacity and web audience," many artists expressed that it is only a matter of time for the other shoe to drop.

Some speculate that after the initial "get acquainted" phase by Universal, the artists may indeed be looking for another home. It is still too soon to tell what will happen with the indie artists, so stay tuned. If you are interested in the full article, go to:

The Unknowne (yes, with an "E" at the end) have been burning up the dance floors over at the Batcave every weekend. It seems every time DJ Patrick spins one of their tunes, folks jam pack the floors where there isn't even elbow room!

Their sound is a cross between David Bowie, Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus, all added to a cauldron to create an "Unknowne" sound that is still distinctly their own.

Quite frankly, I have gone through a number of copies of their CD because visitors to my home just "have to have it."

I just want to know whom I have to fuck to get this band to New York?!

For song samples go to

A call for prayers and well wishes for Taata, lead singer of the hot Japanese band ATP. It seems she is going to have surgery for a form of cancer. The full details haven't been disclosed, however reports state it is in the early stages and her prognosis looks good. The medical team assured Taata that she should be able to go back on stage a couple of months after the operation, if things go well. If you are a fan of their work, feel free to send Taata a get well soon card through their internet page at

What becomes a legend most?

How about taking one of the most noticeable underground classic songs, Bela Lugosi's Dead, and remixing it for the electronic age of 2001? Dream no more, as this has been done by the artist DarkUFO from England.

The file can be downloaded now at

Star of A Different Drum, Cosmicity, has released the new single, The Pure Sessions - Volume I: Defeat...two weeks early! How often does that happen?

The following is from the Cosmicity mailing and let me tell you this guy is VERY busy indeed!

It's a first for Cosmicity, that's for sure. Here's what ya get on it:

#1 Defeat (Version A)
#2 Defeat (DJ Ram Remix)
#3 Let Me In (B! Machine Comes In To Mix)
#4 Defeat (Version B)
#5 Synthgeek Superstar
#6 Defeat (Todd's Extended Version: Scissor's Revenge)
#7 Let Me In (Pure and Simple Mix)

(WARNING: Defeat is a particularly dark Cosmicity song. Do not be frightened. Pure will encompass many points on an emotional journey... this song is only the beginning.)

That's right, remixes by electronic innovator B! Machine, dance floor hero DJ Ram, and synthpop savior Todd Durrant... also: a b-side 'n' some other stuff. And the best part? The price is nice. Only $6 from Does it get any better? Well, actually, I believe it does.

The next single, The Pure Sessions - Volume II: The Princess of Detroit is coming in July for the same low price. Expect several versions of The Princess of Detroit (including a remix by the Australian synthpop masters: Neuropa), a cover of the Pet Shop Boys track I Want A Dog and some other delicious synthpop goodness.

How do you follow that up? How about with the long-awaited release of the Pure album itself? Scheduled for mid-September, Pure promises to be a synthpop album like no other. And by that, I mean really really good. Seriously. If you don't like it, I'll gargle Coca Cola(tm) while eating Pop Rocks(tm). I'm THAT sure you'll like it. I don't even like Coke!

COULD THERE POSSIBLY BE MORE? Hell yeah there's more. After that, check out Pure Afterthoughts in November...a maxi-maxi-single packed with all the...well, the afterthoughts. Expect bonus tracks, alternate versions, and plenty of Pure and Simple mixes (and full-on instrumentals) of your favorites from the album.

Cosmicity was recently at SYNTHCON, a 3-day synthpop conference/concert held in Hollywood, CA. All the details are at Cosmicity performed on the first night of the event, Friday, May 25th.

Thanks everyone! Keep on Synthing. Keep on Popping.

mark nicholas

This is one for "it's a small world" department. Recently, it was disclosed that Matthew, one of the Starvox writers, also has a band called All Hope Lost. Naturally being curious about all new music, I had to go listen to it on MP3.

The work is very brooding, moody and a delightful return to the darker realms of the goth underground.

I encourage you to sample some of this marvelous work.


Mors Syphilitica signed with the Projekt label and is ready with their latest release!

Available street date for Feather and Fate is June 19, 2001, but you can get it NOW online from Projekt!

It is no exaggeration that these are lush, beautiful new tracks, which culminates as their best work to date. (They just keep getting better with each release!)

Feather and Fate will also have major distribution in record stores such as Virgin Megastore, Tower, Borders, etc. For reviews and free sound samples of Feather and Fate please visit the band's official site,

Sacrum Torch still maintains the official site, however as new signees to the label, Projekt will handle the promotion for the band.

Magazines, radio stations, etc., please contact Projekt Records ( for promotional material pertaining to Mors Syphilitica.

Kudos to Mors Syphilitica and Projekt for what promises to be this Summer's hottest release!

A beautiful compilation with a bittersweet tone has entered into the new releases this month.

Only Sorrow has 15 tracks from some of the up and coming notable bands in the underground. This is a musical memorial to Ellen Claire Lawrence, who was tragically killed in May 1998. All proceeds from this CD will be going to the Ellen Claire Memorial Scholarship Fund.

For more information regarding this beautiful project, go to

Catharsist tantalizes with a new tune Let Me Go featuring Jenn Watts on vocals.

This version has sweet and ethereal vocals that turned out wonderfully. To sample the tune go to

Another compilation that I am just busting for is The Unquiet Grave 3.

Look at this great lineup:

Disc I

Ocean 8
Butterfly Messiah
Tri State Killing Spree
October Hill
The Awakening
Abney Park
Strange Angels
This Ascension
Tapping The Vein
Virgin Black
Diva Destruction
Flowers & Machines

Disc II

Messy (Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus/Jessika of Jack Of Jill)
Mindless Faith
Temple Of Rain
The Shizit
The Illuminati
Edge Of Dawn
6am Eternal
ATP (Japan)
Doll Factory
Distorted Reality
Pulsa Denurva
Grace Overthrone

Falling You's Inside The Whale was compared to Nurse With Wound! action=detail&id=478

Falling You delivers some of the most lush vocals to be found anywhere. Some tracks include some familiar names too! Song samples are at

The Cruxshadows have made a great transition and are embarking on a world wide tour. Kevin is no longer a member of the band. Stacey Campbell, singer from Spiderlillies, which was a side project she has been doing with Rogue, has taken Kevin's place.

Reports from the field indicate that the shows are usually packed to the brim. If they are in a venue near you, get there EARLY!

Diva Destruction is about to embark on a tour of the states. For those in the NYC/NJ area, you may want to mark your calendars for their appearance July 14 at the Batcave! Again, get there early as the club will fill up extraordinarily fast.

Another great goth radio station on MP3 to sample is Catacombs of Goth by Kaershieca. This particular station is a who's who of the underground. You will be surprised at the amount of names you recognize on the page.

Get the CD burner going because it won't be long before folks have to pay for these great song downloads!

The URL for this is

Claire Voyant in the spotlight:

Not only is this fabulous band one chosen to appear at this years Convergence 7 in NYC, but their track Her will be appearing in a new documentary titled, The Most Haunted Place In America.

This is a documentary about a small town with a lot of "otherworldly" presence. The show will be aired on Cable and Internationally, and it will even be released on Home Video. The producer of the documentary is very involved at MTV, ABC, and PBS and it looks like A&E or the History Channel are vying for distribution.

How did he find Claire Voyant? The Internet. What a beautiful thing!

Another artist tapped for this documentary includes the ethereal and haunting sounds of Falling You.

For those who are looking for a bit more insight in the world of music, you may want to investigate the following site:

Hopefully some of you will glean some pertinent information there that you can utilize.

That's it for this edition. Be sure to stock up on all the appropriate allergy medicine because this season is sure to be a doozy. If the pollen doesn't get you, our Nile virus carrying mosquitoes will!

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