REVIEW: Genetic Mishap - "D-Evolution"

By Marcus Pan

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D-EvolutionPittsburgh experimental industrial-heads mix up another release following up their DAM CD of Pre-NA. This time Florida's DDK-born Rivithead Records picks them up to distribute their latest foray, D-Evolution. This next round with R.W. Marino Jr. and Kevinjames Linnert tear out another beat-laden, chaotic, sample-laden crunch. But this time around you can definitely see the improvement over their last outing.

D-Evolution is much similar to the previous release, but the duo holds more promise in the arrangement and mixing area. While they do occasionally find a sample they really like to use often, such as the annoying "Hi!" sounding vocal blast from I Got the Power, overall the work on this CD is controlled just a tad more. They retain the garage-industrial, chaos-ensuing noise levels from before, but it's just a bit more refined and slightly more polished to create a more palatable blend.

They show a darker aesthetic on other tracks such as the sixth Want To Be, which utilizes a slow rhythm and rack-style drummings to push a morose mood and disturbing quality. Following this, on the track Cosmic Dirt, you can easily see the improvements the group is making in their mixing and arrangement styles. What was once much to chaotic to be rhythmic is now rhythmic with a bit of chaos. A highlight track of D-Evolution is the ninth, Endless Stairs. Hard, gutwrenching, with maybe a little bit of a generic riff style, but done with aplomb.

Included on this release are two new editions of my favorite from the last album; Borg Nine. The fourth track, the Hell Hazard Acid Mix, shows that they are earning command of subtle rhythm breakdowns which promises, I think, even more maturity and betterment in their music to come. Break My Forever, which follows this on track five, is purely cyborg fight scene with computerized attacks and rhythmic pulses in retaliation. Even includes the smacking sounds. And finally, one must give kudos to the industrial and completely fucked up remake of The Chicken Dance. My only caveat against this track is that it wasn't out prior to my wedding.

Genetic Mishap have a while to go before they become the industrial heavyweights they are trying hard to be, but it seems what we have here is a prolific and hardworking group that are probably working on album #3 as I write this. While D-Evolution is still not my favorite industrial release and you can still hear more chaos than is necessary along with move of the "hey I got this new sample let's beat it like a dead horse" attitude in places, you also note easily that they are improving and maturing. Continue on this path, and Genetic Mishap may be poised to take over the rivethead conglomerate. They certainly are trying real hard.

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