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Last month was hellishly late, I know, and this month I am determined to not be. At all. Not even by a day. If all goes well, though that's rare, I'll have this sucker on your doorsteps when the month of July actually rolls around. Now imagine that if you will…and then remember how hard I work and advertise!

This month's issue of Legends Magazine is brought to you in part by sponsors Stendhal (www.stendhalnoise.com) and Eternia Limited (www.gothicnature.co.uk/), so much thanks out to those guys indeed! You'll see a review of Stendhal's Impure release in an upcoming issue of Legends and this month I myself present a review of Eternia's The Nature of Gothic compilation, so be sure to check that out.

A very busy cover this month, I know, but I guess we have so much goodness that it was hard to choose a highlight. So we went with a fiction highlight this month. In Eric Busby's Disoriented Chapter 4, poor Chris gets her first taste of blood. And check out the cup that it's found in, too! Yes, Legends shirts, cups and more is coming soon, so you can all show how cool you are. And Jeff Franzmann returns to us with a new serial sci-fi series, Another Day. Zubrovka is the illustrator of the latter while Lee Alverson continues to create graphic novel illustrations for Disoriented.

Also this month we have a double shot of The Parking Lot is Full. I thought it would be interesting to open and close the issue by offending everybody. I guess I'm just cranky.

In reviews, some highlight picks are the various artist compilations Only Sorrow and The Nature of Gothic. Also the debut album by Scarlet Life. Other good stuff reviewed - Zakas, Genetic Mishap, 9XDead and a little bit of old school hard rock with Amethyst. And other stuff…

A triple shot of my Off The Shelf column and some of Sue Simpson's best work yet. Wilde on beliefs, Angel Wylde on the dance floor and Shae with some introspection. I guess I'll stop here…

Marcus Pan, Editor
June 24, 2001 @ 7:00AM

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