REVIEW: Genetic Mishap - "Pre-NA"

By Marcus Pan

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Pre-NADAM CDs are really beginning to piss me off. I applaud the forum for independent musicians to create their homepages where we can download and enjoy some music that the big labels won't touch (usually because it isn't cookie-cutter enough), and I love checking out their charts. But their DAM CD software is really pissing me off - I can't remember the last time I've put a DAM CD in my computer to listen to without it going tits up.

Ok sorry, enough ranting. The reason I ranted on it here is simply because while other DAM CDs I've received I've enjoyed even with the procedure of having to reboot to play it (JackieOnAssid, Wall, Bondi Drive, just to name a few more recent), Genetic Mishap is one that I don't enjoy having to do that for. If I have to go through the trouble I want to enjoy the music that comes out when I do. And while Genetic Mishap are really trying here, and really thumbing their noses at the typical industrial sound, they are doing so in such a way that comes out sounding pretty bad.

Made up of core members R. Wayne Marino, Jr. and Kevinjames Linnert, Genetic Mishap hail from Pittsburgh. Billing themselves as "industrial dance floor alternative goth," they make lots and lots of noise and then mix it badly. Vocals are whiney, guitar distortion is turned up so much it kind of stops being and acting much like a guitar, bass is strumming and uninspired and percussion is stocky and standard while usually having nothing much to do with the song that is currently playing.

Let's look at some tracks. Pre-NA opens with Another Cross, which begins with distorted guitar slams with bass and drum hits to back it up and goes into screaming, voxed out yet still whiny vocals. Track 4, Source of Ultimate Power, is more of the same with out of sync drum rolls, distorted guitar strumming and background keyboards that are so background they might not even be there. This continues for more than a full noisy six minutes, broken up only by the occasional unintelligible voices strewn about.

Continuing on, Hello Kitty [SlippersMix] is an ambient attempt with bass sounds smooshed together. It kind of sounds like my washing machine when the laundry gets out of balance during a run. Then the closing Borg Nine - probably one of the better ones on the album, but still characterized by distortion, static and unintelligible vocal samples, completely disorganized. Rhythm tracks are looped in occasionally in an effort to save the track from falling into a dark, noisy void of static and distortion.

The verdict on Genetic Mishap is that, the name "mishap" indeed fits. A whole lot of noise went into Pre-NA and it comes out as a rather horrid, disorganized industrial abortion. I find it rather unlistenable.

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