Beaten By the Storm

By Marcus Pan

Chain Border

Sunday night it was. Taking it easy, downloading the latest ROM games from and had just gotten my nostalgic little hands on MAME 0.33 Beta 4, P-Enhanced. And they have Golden Axe & Paperboy on I'm about to get all bouncy soon as the download is done.

So the ROM images are on their way now. I'm sitting, minding my own business, and there is a bright flash in the distance and the rolling of thunder. Woo! A storm! So I look outside and the sky is clouded and quite nice to look at. The lightning gets closer and closer, the thunder get louder and louder, and I look at my computer screen to see the downloads are still on their way. And the race has begun. Can I get my new games in time before the storm hits me and possibly causes electrical damage to my system? YES! I'm SUPERTECH! I am PAN! I can WIN this!

Bah. There is a bright flash of white light, lasting 3 seconds or so. And then a crackling sound, and it sounds like it's just outside my balcony door, which is open so that I can enjoy the music and the scenes of this year's Big Nor'Easter (which hasn't happened this bad since '85, they said). "That's some weird sounding thunder," I mumble. But wait...then the thunder comes. If that wasn't thunder, then what was it? The lightning strike, it seems, was no more than 100 or so feet away...probably in the parking lot. And the now silent.

[hang head] I've been beaten. The storm has won. The modem is a hunk of silicon. [sigh] Ah, well, time to upgrade anyway.

So I went to sleep that night in front of the open balcony doors after Laura woke me up worrying about tornadoes. She's so funny. :) The wind is minimal, the rain is loud and the electrical/clean smell in the air is just grand. The lightning crackles just outside my closed eyelids and I sleep in my humility...nature can kick our ass whenever it wants to. The only thing we can do is enjoy the view while she does.

(Originally posted in alt.gothic.)

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