REVIEW: Bondi Drive - "Perfect Dreams"

By Marcus Pan

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Perfect DreamsBondi Drive is an Australian trance outfit from Sydney. Made up of Matt and Bruce (no last names given), I first came across their work via the popular MP3.Com in one of my searches for electronic soundscapes against which I can work. I work better with this type of music it seems. I thereafter requested a copy of their CD so I can cover it within Legends because I felt the music was good enough to be given some exposure. Begun only a few months back in November, 2000, for that amount of time the duo have created quite an impressive repertoire of tracks. They released their debut album, Perfect Dreams, on MP3's DAM CD system. Their music at has reached the top charts in various areas, including #3 Top 40, #2 Electronic and #1 on Trance charts.

The music on Perfect Dreams are all similar in form. Bright and catchy melodies with various levels of rhythm combinations, its beauty lies in the simplicity of the tracks. The two stick to a closely knit music format, exploring within the genres of progressive and melodic trance.

Tracks to discuss are hard to single out, as they are all similar in tone but each with their own wonderful melodies and rhythms. Perfect Dreams is a great opener to the CD, beginning with flowing synth chord arrangements that break into an infectious rhythm with bright, glowing keyboard melodies. Very uplifting. Cloud Chaser breaks into a more techno-riff groove with again bright melodies and prolific use of pitch slides.

Other tracks, such as Time Trader, take a heavier and stompier techno approach with heavy bass and rhythms, stronger in makeup than other tracks. Conquest is also similar in the techno regard, with rather heavy beats and strong keyboard arrangements that remain simplistic yet powerful due in part to this very simplicity. The only caveat to their work that I can find is that some tracks seem to be shorter than they should be - all are over 3:30 in length, but some just groove along so well that I could have easily enjoyed their continuance for much longer.

Bondi Drive's goal is to create atmospheres that combine with "melodies that stay in your head long after you've finished listening" and I feel they've succeeded in this. They are constantly adding more to their page, so I do suggest you check it out and do so often. They try to put up at least two new tracks every month, and since the time I received Perfect Dreams there's even more of their work to enjoy. While not unique, the music is nonetheless a highlight to the trance genre.

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