MP3: The Music Revolution

By Mike Ventarola

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What started out as a musical revolution on the Internet superhighway seems to have fizzled into a minimal brain fart now that has been sold to Vivendi-Universal. However, we are undaunted as we strive to bring you the hottest news from the underground with a few cadavers thrown in for ambience!

For all of you vegetarians out there, I must highlight a delightful company called Kiss My Face. This brand has been around for about 10 or more years. All of their products are natural. There are no dyes, chemicals or animal testing with any of their products. The original version of the Kiss My Face liquid soap is simply sublime. Please note that none of the business plugs benefit me in any way. I merely strive to find companies with products worthy of YOUR dollar. I remain a consumer first and make it a goal to offer information about products and services that are left out of the Madison Avenue loop but still deserve our patronage. If you are interested in this wonderful company, go to

New Wave News:

Joy Division has a 4 CD box set slated for release August 7, 2001 entitled Heart & Soul Box. With a steep price tag of $58.47 it seems that Heart and Soul will require a pound of flesh for the purchase.

It took the big guns at the major labels to finally be pushed by fans to re-release some of the back catalog of Canadian band, Martha & The Muffins. At present CDNow carries 2 of their best selling CD's from the 80's, Danseparc/Mystery Walk, which are 2 albums on one CD. This title also has the phenomenally infectious dance cut Cooling The Medium that is an instant crowd pleaser 17 years later! The other title available is Faraway in Time, which has the classic Echo Beach and a few other nominal hits from that era.

If you are really addicted to 80's music, check out the collection Just Can't Get Enough as featured on CDNow which offers 15 volumes of various hits from the New Wave Era. Many cuts are classics that are not available anywhere else while others have been featured on similar compilations.

Carpe Mortem stretches their britches:

Carpe Mortem is expanding their catalog! Now you'll be able to order more than just Carpe Mortem Records releases. They have recently added the following CDs:

Randolph's Grin - Melt
Written In Ashes - Epiphany
Arise From Thorns - Before an Audience of Stars
Brave - Waist Deep in Dark Waters
Autumn Tears - Love Poems for Dying Children, Act II
Autumn Tears - Love Poems for Dying Children, Act III
Autumn Tears - Absolution
Rain Fell Within - Believe
Babylonian Tiles - Teknicolour Aftermath

If you would like to sell your band's CD, email the company for consideration. They do accept major credit cards and the site is secure (despite the little padlock thingy not showing up - they assure us that they are working on fixing that problem).

On Saturday August 25th Tampa, Florida's The Blessed Virgin Larry will open for Stuck On Evil (featuring Daisy Berkowitz -(Marilyn Manson) at The Brass Mug.

The Brass Mug
1441 E Fletcher Ave
Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 972-8152
Mon - Sat 11am to 3am

All Ages Show
Tickets $12 over 21 / $15 Under 21

Convergence 7

The hottest ticket in NYC right now is for the Convergence 7 where all the net gothlings will be gathered for 3 days of music, merchandise and mayhem. I can't wait to see a particular Mayor's face when all the black clad folks step off the planes like a flock of crows. For ticket information go to

Interviews with and music from Claire Voyant, Deep Red and Neurepublik as well as music from Assemblage 23, ATP, Carol Masters, Collide, Echo Image, Folk Fiction, From The Icy Coast, Mors Syphilitca, Myssouri, PTP, St. Eve, Stare and Unto Ashes can be heard at Click on either the T1/DSL or 56K links at the top of the pages, plus now a special 28.8K high quality, LoFi stream for the modem impaired is available.

The Shape of Things to Come is the longest running and best dark music show to air in NYC Saturday nights between 6 pm and 9 pm Eastern Time. It is hosted by Bob Westphal (TheOneBob) and broadcast to the New York City region over non-commercial 89.1 WFDU-FM, "Where New Music Begins." and to the rest of the world via the Internet on PLUS now you can hear the past week's show repeated on the show's official website

More Convergence 7 News:

Recently Coil has been added to the Convergence 7 line-up. They will be playing on Saturday August 18th at Irving Plaza (

Other featured artists are SNOG, Neurepublik (, Deep Red (, Claire Voyant ( and there is a rumor that Gossamer and Mephisto Walz will be added to the line-up as well.

Deep Red, by the way, has a special remix the song Spirits of the Past (Lost Tribes Mix) on VenusaXX, a Side-Line magazine special compilation. For more information go to the band's web site.

Claire Voyant's next album is scheduled for release in February 2002. The new album is tentatively titled Love is Blind, which combines the variety and sincerity of the first album with the strength of Time and the Maiden and maybe a hint of some of the remix spirit on a few tracks. This CD is reported to be one that is taking the band into the new millennium. Sound clips and a "re-vamped" web site are promised for sometime in September.

Other Claire Voyant news:

Claire Voyant's HER appearing in America's Most Haunted Town Documentary. Coming soon to a cable station near you...

Luminence Films creator Rob Child contacted the band after discovering the gothic and darker genres of music via The band is honored that he chose this song to be a part of his work. He is very talented and genuine. He strives to show the truth and open people's minds with this film. Hey...he supports the underground music scene go check out info on his work at his web site! You can also check out the station at devoted to the music of the film:

Victoria Collaborates with Daniel Myer of Haujobb

After over a year of work and waiting HMB, a collaboration between Victoria and the amazing Daniel Myer, is finished and scheduled for release in August 2001 on WT2 Records in the US and Flatline Records in Europe. This was true joy for both artists and there are plans for a second album late next year. No release info on the label sites are available just yet...but bookmark these for future use. Check out for more info on the great one!

Victoria Collaborates with John Zorko of Falling You

The Light Between Us is a musical journey of great beauty and the mastermind of John Michael Zorko. Please go to his site and check out the beauty of Falling You! There are some of the most talented vocalists on his work. He is a major talent as well!

Claire Voyant Summer/Fall 2001 Live Dates

August 4th /Sanctuary/ Sacramento, CA /info:
August 17,18,19 (exact night TBD) Convergence 7/ NYC /info:
*September 8 / Requiem@KIMO's/ San Francisco/ info
*October 4/ The Vogue(kontrolaltdelete)/Seattle/ info:
(*tentatively scheduled) More Dates TBA!

Victoria just completed work on vocals for a track on the upcoming release. If you haven't heard them yet...or even if you have...check them out at great stuff!

Gothic Pagan band Coven 13 will be performing in New York City on August 29th at The Continental, with Nocturne and Absynth. Other bands are also scheduled to appear as well. Coven 13 goes on somewhere between 10:30PM and 11:00PM. The band has a dancer that is guaranteed to keep the audience guessing as to what will happen next.

Mick Mercer (England) - New Goth book and Goth photo CD

If Goth were a religion, Mick Mercer would be an apostle. He is presently putting the finishing touches to his fourth book on Goth (www.Gothic) - "an epic guide to what's on the Net, much of it unexpected."

Presently, Mercer has released a special photo CD called NOIR, a Goth/Dark Indie photo CD sampler with three thousand (3,000) pics on it, done at 300dpi - publishing standard - and costs £20/$30. Cost includes all postage (anywhere in the world), and the CD comes in case with covers. Just one film done as reprints would cost that much. It is the first archive of its kind, so folks may not be used to something like this. All money generated goes back into extending the archive.

NOIR ordering details:
Mick Mercer
76A East Street Selsey,
West Sussex

Within UK - Cash or Cheque (made payable to Mick Mercer)
Rest Of World - Cash only (send between several sheets of writing paper, as a letter). You can send by registered post if you need proof that I have received it. (In Japan you can pay at that end in the Post Office, and the Central Post Office in England sends me something I can cash locally. You could always see if that is available in your area.)

The list of bands covered includes:
Action Pact, Adam + Ants, All About Eve, Anonymes, Ausgang, Bang Bang Machine, Barefoot Contessa, Bauhaus, Beef, Big Black, Bleach, Blood Sanction, Butterfingers, Butterflies, Cassandra Complex, Cecil, Charlie's Angels, Christian Death, (X)CNN, Cocteau Twins, The Cravats, Creaming Jesus, Daisy Chainsaw, Dancing Did, Danielle Dax, Danse Society, Dreamcity Filmclub, Death By Crimpers, Destroy The Boy, DF-118, Die Cheerleader, Die Laughing, Diskord Datkord, Doll, Doyenne, Dune Buggy Attack, Dust Devils, Gitane Demone. Edith Strategy, Empyrean, Enrapture, Faith Over Reason, Fields Of The Nephilim, Flinch, Gaye Bykers On Acid, God & The Crazy Lesbians From Hell, Goya Dress, Grimetime, Gloria Mundi, Honey Lipped Divine (first Michael J Sheehy band), PJ Harvey, Inkubus Sukkubus, David Jay, Junior Manson Slags, Jazz Butcher, Josi Without Colours, Lovecraft (Cleo), Lush, Manuskript, Marion, Martian Dance, Mel Garside, Melinda Miel, The Mission, Monoland, Pauline Murray, Nosferatu, Pink & Black, Plastic Fantastic, Pla Mercer states, "Anyone buying the NOIR photo CD can also use the pictures on websites or in magazine, providing they ask me first, and proper credits are given.

NoirTowards the end of the year I will have a whole photo archive of my own Goth/Dark Indie photos done as a series of 20 genre-specific CDs, containing about a thousand pics each, scanned full negative at 600dpi (better quality than shop reprints), and sell for £20/$30. I realise these will only be of interest to die-hard collectors of some certain bands, which is why I have also done NOIR as a more general sampler.

If you do need further info on Noir or some example pics let me know although it may take me a couple of days to get back to you as I'm already doing 16 hours a day online as the deadline approaches and it looks like being more than that soon. (Take it from me, Zombies are real!)

Vampyre Magazine is the publication to explore the unfolding phenomena which has evolved into vampire myth, folklore, fiction, erotica, subculture, theatre, film, art, music and fetishism. This publication is "by vampyres for vampyres" as all of our staff have been active in the scene for many years and have a personal love of the genre as does our readership.

The premiere issue, shipped in late June 2001, with 68 full gloss pages, 20 of which are full color, including the cover. The cover price will be $7.95 per issue + $2 S&H will be available at, Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Tower and other fine magazine retailers.

Issue #1 has a whole variety of content including Bites; a section with info on live bats, updates on Queen of the Damned and Blade 2, music, literature and vamp/pop culture. Also included will be interviews with Voltaire, Desmo Donte and artist John John Jesse. There is a guide to New Orleans and an overview of Halloween 2000 including the Anne Rice Ball, Dark Cotillion and Endless Night Festival, a tour report from Transylvania, a feature on "In the Shadow of the Vampire" and an international directory of dark businesses & organizations. Plus fiction "The Vampire Who Swallowed the Ghost" by Katherine Ramsland, Anne Rice's biographer and author of Piercing the Darkness. is the official homepage of the Vampyre Magazine and is loaded with information including a full online store of Vampyric merchandise including Vampyre Ankhs, Thumb Claws, Artifacts by D'Drennan, T-shirts, publications and much more. Plus forums, chatrooms, elists, personals, community calendars, the Fangsmith Guild and much more. Most of these features will be active by late June 2001.

Also join us for the official VM international event the Endless Night Festival this Halloween in New Orleans, more information will be coming soon!

For more information contact Vampyre Magazine, PO Box 381 JAF Station, New York, NY 10116-0381 USA.

Some offerings from Vampyre Magazine Online!

Vampyre Magazine Online (
VM "VampyreShop" - our online store via Paypal.
VM Forums - personals, chat, real vamps, film/TV, literature, etc.
VM Banner Exchange - coming soon!
VM E-list - news, announcements, discussion.
VM "Sanguinarium" Directory - our "Vampyric Yahoo!" with orgs, resources, etc.
VM Fangsmith Guild ( - the most complete listing of fangsmiths and fangmakers on the web, plus info on how to become a fangsmith and much more. Sponsored by the infamous Sabretooth.
Endless Night Festival - our annual Halloween event in New Orleans.

The Mists of Avalon based on the Marion Zimmer Bradley novel:

This mini series aired July 15 and 16. "The Mists of Avalon" portrays the legend of King Arthur and Camelot as seen through the eyes of the women: Viviane, the High Priestess of Avalon (Angelica Huston); Morgaine, her successor (Julianna Margulies); Morgause, Queen of Lothian and Orkney (Joan Allen); and Igraine, Queen of England (Caroline Goodall). Lee Holdridge composed and recorded the score with members of the Munich Symphony Orchestra. Aeone recorded and produced her vocals to be featured with the orchestra. The score and Aeone's voice can be heard on the soundtrack available in stores now on the Varese Saraband label. The soundtrack also includes the haunting song, "I Will Remember You Still" - produced and performed by Aeone - inspired by both the legends of Avalon and Lee Holdridge's moving score.

The Music of Avalon

Aeone (ay-own), the artist known for her ethereal vocals, which range from mystically ethereal to emotionally pagan keening, brings her unique sound through out the score of TNT's 4-hour mini-series.

The Voice that builds a bridge:
Canton, Georgia: Aeone's voice and original compositions, "Indira" and "Anam Cara" have been chosen to represent the Etowah River Greenway, a $25 million project to refurbish and renew the ancient Etowah River in Georgia. Dubbed by many as the nation's first environmentally friendly urban river walk. The project is expected to create a model for other riverside cities throughout the country.

Liz Cole at Jordan, Jones & Goulding has put together an inspirational video showcasing Aeone's unique voice and visionary music with Canton's higher view for the Etowah River Greenway. In this unusual and decidedly non-corporate video, Aeone provides the rich and moving voice-over of "The Spoken Word," underscored by "Anam Cara" in the first segment. Complementing a visual journey of Canton's plan for the Etowah and community, the ethnic sounding "Indira" forms the centerpiece of this video, evoking the ancients with its tribal drums and call to prayer.

Regarding both projects, Aeone comments, "In my own life and work, I am deeply interested and committed to bringing qualities of an ancient belief system into our modern existence. Nature and the alliance of life with the harmony of nature were paramount to both the ancient Celtic culture that 'The Mists of Avalon' evokes, and the culture of the Native American Tribes. The site of the Etowah River Greenway lies in what was the capital region of the Cherokee nation. The underlying message of both projects allows us to consider and honor the existence of a natural life and the importance of nature and its preservation as a connection to our past and a doorway to our future."

MP3 artist Digital Ritual has generated a lot of interest for his beat heavy music that rouses a dance party in seconds. He is presently working on a new CD, which is anticipated for a September 2001 release. Presently the first track of the forthcoming CD is available on MP3 at In other areas, Digital Ritual had a song used in a kickboxing video and presently a couple of tracks are slated for a "no-budget" B-Horror film. In the works right now, one of Digital Ritual's tracks will be used in a local cable access TV show, which is a "Sightings" type of show.

Mara's Torment has four new mp3s up on his site. Someone like you... is a brand new piece, the other three are remixed versions of the songs Of Stars and Wishes, Dreams of Insects, and Grays.

Due to a series of unforeseen circumstances, the release of the Cosmicity Pure album has been pushed back to November 6th. The next single in The Pure Sessions series will be available in a few weeks. You can catch a preview of the title track The Princess of Detroit at

This is a New York band that is busier than a hive of bees. Acts Magdalena have recently joined the ranks of MP3 to get their music out to the world at large which has been met with much interest. In two days after signing onto MP3, the band found themselves featured on a number of stations. To hear the work of this hard working band, go to

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