REVIEW: Mystery Church Revival - Demo

By Marcus Pan

Chain Border

Mystery Church RevivalMCR came to me from the pages of and had one question in their original letter: "Do we suck?" Now nevermind the head-inflation of being "the man to ask" when it comes to this sort of thing, I bopped on by to their MP3 page and checked them out and told them that, no, they don't suck. They therefore asked if I would review them - at which point I called forth Legends' policy and replied that I'd need a CD, something tangible I can physically point to and go "I'm talking about this, yo." The day Legends steps into pure MP3/digital reviews is the day I go completely insane with too much work.

The demo I received from Mystery Church Revival contained all the tracks I enjoyed from their MP3 page, including my favorites Beautiful and Save Me From Myself. But there's no track listing for the CD they burned for me, so that leaves me at a helluva loss when it comes to talking about individual tracks. So I'll have to concentrate on their overall sound. The moral of this paragraph is to always include a track listing, even if you jot it down on a piece of paper.

Mystery Church Revival fuse techno, EBM, industrial and metal into a hybrid. While on some tracks the sound remains quite electronic, others such as Beautiful take on a more guitar-heavy feel especially during chorus areas. The result is a wide range of interesting music, from floor stomping Filter like grooves to Kraftwerkesque techno-based electro noodlings and groovy near-trance ensembles.

MCR's music fuses well known styles, and while this may give it a not-quite-new or fresh feel, it is nonetheless put together with aplomb. There's a lot of ways to mix a good cocktail, just as there are a lot of good ways to mix electronica and industrial styles together. It's well done and well mixed, with decent rhythms and arrangements, but if you're looking for something you hadn't heard before, MCR doesn't offer that. Instead they mix things you have heard before into something that you can drink in easily, and they do it without sucking.

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