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Some of you may remember back in issue #111 (June), we had a fine cover designed in full by Rev. Daryl Litts, that featured Jim Thirwell (Foetus, DJ Otefsu…) along with a feature interview. Next month we will do something similar with another cover design by the Rev., and featuring his exclusive interview with Fektion Fekler. I also have tentatively scheduled the first of the C7 Interview series with Rat Bastard's talk with Sunshine Blind which occurred a few hours before they took the stage at Limelight, NYC on August 17th.

We'll have another episode of Another Day by Jeff Franzmann with illustration by Zubrovka. We also feature a gothic/comic horror called Pick Up the Pieces which will contain illustration by our newest member on the art/ill. Staff - Michael Auger. I'll throw a couple from The Parking Lot is Full, another dose of Sue Simpson and we'll round it out with a pile of music reviews and a handful of book reviews. Maybe I'll throw in a good bunch in the Off the Shelf column…such as reviews of three by Neil Gaiman.

Looking further ahead, I already gave you a good rundown of some upcoming things in the Editor's Notes this month. So I'll leave off with two final things…

First - check out the official Legends merchandise at The store is run by the Mean Little Man and he's worked up some fine designs to start with. There's still a bit of construction going on about the place, so watch your step and be careful, but pick up a few shirts or what-not.

Second - we'll close with a bit of wackiness. Another PLIF! And then Mike's MP3 column to finish it off.

Peace, Love and All the Trimmings!

Marcus Pan
August 26, 2001
10:55 AM

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