REVIEW: Cybernetic Erosion - "Materialisation of Abomination"

By Chris Eissing

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Materialisation of AbominationIn today's pop-song, MTV/radio world few groups have the ability to be ambient or fully let their visions come through in the recorded work. While Cybernetic Erosion breaks little ground with its music, it is as strong and entertaining an example of a complete body of work. Cybernetic Erosion is the brainchild of Vadim Ozvald Davidson, Russian native.

Reminiscent of Bauhaus, Cybernetic Erosion experiments with combining divergent styles and melody, seeks to create musical environments, and is willing to let a song be as long as it needs to be. Its works are truly ambient while never being able to be mistaken for trance or new age.

Vadim is not just another collar-wearing, black-clothed, pale skin goth looking dude with long dark hair and all the black beauty product Mary Kay's got. Any Russian-born goth that can survive teen years in Tennessee is going to come away rather self-aware.

Vadim's 12 years of education in Russian music schools is highly evident in the, at times almost baroque, arrangements. However Cybernetic Erosion's songs sometimes suffer from this. Many of their songs have aspects that were improvised during recording. This definitely gives them a sound that is a little rough around the edges and unpredictable. There are moments where it is evident that talent, rather than attention, has driven a song. For the most part it works. There are moments, as with the vocals, where this weakens the songs.

Some of my favorite songs?

Erosive Prayer - Powerful fucking tune. It is solid like cool liquid metal, flowing slowly with great weight and strength, yet with an intensity of rhythm that belies its imminent qualities.

Limited Access - Nice ambient work. Its use of voice and tone reminds me of tape-loop groundbreakers Negativland

Materialisation of Abomination - Simply put? Darkwave with all the trimmings.

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