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How goes kiddies? Strangely enough, I didn't have all that much to say last month. I think it's the first issue in history that didn't have an Editor's Notes or Afterword column. If I remember back a month (memory is the first thing to go…), I think I was running behind schedule and needed to crank the issue out, so I decided not to talk and just crank. No masturbation jokes from the peanut gallery…

American RumbleSo I think we have some good stuff this issue. I really like Lad Moore's Rivulet series, and I'm hoping to get more of his work. Of course Sue Simpson returns to us. One of her most warped out pieces yet appears with Laughing Eyes. Jeff Franzman's Another Day appears in its third part. And the big news is the first full page slot by The Parking Lot is Full and a new writer's contribution to our music department, Azriel J. Knight and his interview with Christopher.

A moment of thanks to the entire staff. Everything is right on schedule this month, which means I can spend all next week turning the water in my pool from aqua to clear blue. For those that were here and may remember from the Convergence 7 party at my place, you'll note that its current condition is better than the dark green it was then. Rock on's to Rat Bastard for picking up my slack at Convergence 7. We have interviews with Unto Ashes, DJ Voltaire and Sunshine Blind stemming from the weekend's festivities.

Also in the works is a film review of Raven Film's American Rumble. In depth interview with artist Blue that will cover his work in all forms - art, independent film, multiple music projects and whatever else comes to mind. Artofact Records will be giving us exclusive interviews with Massiv in Mensch, Psyche and Netz over the course of the next few months as well. And in the works right now is new Legends merchandise! Rock on's to The Mean Little Man who is heading up stores for these items.

So check it out…check it all out.

Marcus Pan, Editor
August 26, 2001

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