REVIEW: Gabor Csupo - "Liquid Fire"

By Zubrovka

Chain Border

Liquid FireI'm hallucinating. Csupo, gawd almighty, has sliced open my brain and stolen my acidic memories, only to pump them back at me through my speakers! And then there was realization, the lucid and the sublime...

Fast moving into the electronic arena, almost in syncopation, framing carefree vocals and the synths burn you till the bottoms drops out and the slow trip begins. Strings, subtle into heaviness, as the beat rises and drops and rises and drops. A world market of voices and sounds.

Luxury synths and the trance beat, trance talk, bending me, you can bend your brain can't you? I feel it bending in its cavity, bending and squeezing the sound information, urgently trying to decipher.

The bass comes on you hard and fast, the rhetoric lyrics and then back to the mind squeeze...feel the heat? It surrounds me and I want to move, increase it. Glimpse the costumed people, sweet and saturated in the flames of thought.

I am not fooled by this, I know the electronics is contrived trance, but no, it's bent correctly and I see bits of brain matter dripping out of my ear, flaming to the floor, there goes that exotic melody again, feel like a spice trader crawling through the ether of now. Ahhhh she's beautiful and wicked, scarves flying, spinning in a dizzy circle.

Submerge, feel the bubbles cool my skin. I've craved this before, this cool sin, listen to her. The emotions flow. The trance is back, it's cooler, it's feminine. This where the colours get vivid, right here and they no longer burn.

Throw out the Kitaro, the Tangerine Dream, the Jean Michel Jarre. Gabor Csupo just stole the show. Literally, my cup runneth over! "I love it, beautiful..."

35 tracks on 2 CD's. Fire will burn your passions, stir your emotions, 19 tracks of mind bending erotica blended brain. Liquid comes back to console you, 16 tracks bring you back from the heat, cool you down and transmute your mind into a shock studio of cool colours.

Anyone for the dust of my brain?

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