Songs of Albinor Number 19 - "The Monster Grows"

By Marcus Pan

Chain Border

Pierc'ed skull on broad man's chest,
Symbol of rage and conquest.
Factions four have declared war,
And threatened all of Albinor.
Slewing people for their greed,
Lunacy brings on evil deeds.
Crossroads now in iron fist,
And other cities are on their list.
Desperate times cause desperate means,
Heedless of innocent screams.
Pointed on by Sharri's hand,
Her men head off to ravage the land.
Taking what they want by fire,
Many men and many desires.
Darokin may not keep it's lands,
As the horde takes what they demand.
People huddle in the night,
Afraid they might not see next light.
For Darokin is on it's knees,
And Whisperwalk is surely pleased.
To return Darokin to Wilder lands,
Is this the woman's plan?
Or does she kill for killing's sake,
To give death a pow'rful stake?
To show us how fleeting life is,
And how strong death really is.
Just how bloody evil can be,
Is this what she wants us to see?
Who's to say and who's to know?
And as we think her monster grows.

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