MP3: The Music Revolution

By Mike Ventarola

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As always, I would like to begin this column with some online shops that consumers should get to know for their quality, service and customer support.


Things From Another World is one place to find just about any film in the horror Sci-Fi genres. In addition, they carry a multitude of collectable toys and even have a VERY inexpensive Living Dead Doll. For those who have hunted on Ebay for these dolls, you will appreciate being able to obtain one for around $20 without getting gouged at the auction. Orders over $100 will ship 2-day air automatically and can be a bit pricey. The shipping however is a blessing because the company can keep track of the package while in transit. They are exceptional about sending you emails to let you know the status of your order along the way.

Another great shop that Goth's in particular would like is Capricorn's Lair If you are hunting for a coffin wallet, look no further, as they have them in leather at a price tag that is around $43. Before you balk at the price, the wallet is a nice size without being cumbersome. The interior has many slots for credit/bank cards and the inside section that would hold money or paper is open on both sides of the coffin itself. There is also a change pocket too. If that isn't enough, they have just about anything under the sun that would relate to the goth, pagan, and alternative lifestyles and have done rather well to be the comprehensive one stop type of shop. This was yet another company that keeps its customers informed about the status of their order. They ship about 300 orders a day and also have their own magazine with 16,000 subscribers. Considering the numbers that the company deals with daily, it is amazing that they can give such excellent, pleasant, personalized service.


Diabetes is no joke folks, and it is becoming rather rampant. If you find yourself experiencing excessive thirst, frequent urination, especially at night, and light-headedness, or unexplainable exhaustion, PLEASE go to your doctor to get it checked. This is a slow and silent killer that affects every part of your body. If unchecked, it leads to blindness as well as gangrene, which would result in amputations of bodily parts. This is even more important if you have a family history of it.


The band Abney Park seems to have a limitless supply of energy. They recently started a record label, and are in negotiations with Museum, Hungry Lucy, In the Nursery, Girl Next Door, Sinforosa, Cosmopop, and more. The website can be found at

In addition to the business side of things, the band recently released a bunch of songs in the last couple months, like Child King, and Twisted and Broken. Child king is their first venture into the Trip Hop Genre (and its really dark and cool). Its the story of a spoiled Child Emperor, and has a very cool South East Asian feel.

Twisted and Broken is a very metaphoric song about being the child of a broken family, and how that effects who you are as an adult (it is an insight into lead singer Robert's own childhood). It poses the question "If I was built by a broken machine, how could I be whole?" The story is all told (in Abney Park Fashion) through an "Edward Scissorhands" metaphor.

The Soil Bleeds Black will have a limited edition Picture Disc 7inch EP released in October / November 2001 through World Serpent. This EP features a medieval version of the children's verse, "Ring Around the Rosey," based upon the 14th century black plague. Also included are three traditional songs interpreted by the band.

The Fossil Dungeon will have four new titles available during August / September. These include limited CDR productions from the Dark Muse, Arcane Art, and the 15 Delights of Dionysus. Additionally, the new single from Mephisto Walz is being released in a limited edition of 300 copies, available at Convergence 7.

On Hallow's Eve, the Fossil Dungeon will release "Priestess," the latest work from Butterfly Messiah, packaged in an extravagant manner. Hexentanz, the medieval witchcraft project with members of Psychonaut and The Soil Bleeds Black will also have their debut 7inch EP released on Oct. 31st.

For more information on the current endeavours of the Riddick Brothers, please visit the following webpage:

SPF1000 is playing THE west coast Goth event of the summer, CLUB COVEN 13's SUMMER GOTHIC BALL. This is going to be HUGE! It will be held at the El REY theatre, which has a crowd capacity of about 3000. The last Coven 13 was held in October to celebrate the airing of their E television special. Coven 13 is the premiere goth club on the west coast, and needless to say, the bands fans are totally ecstatic about their continued exposure and success.

SPF1000 also finished a Marilyn Manson remake for Dwell Records. They covered the song, "I Don't Like the Drugs But The Drugs Like Me" This will be a nationwide release in August, so if you haven't heard of this band yet, you can be sure to shortly!

Also, the forthcoming issue of Newgrave Magazine reviews SPF1000's show from this past May. BEST REVIEW EVER! In addition, these busy little bees are also doing a layout in Blue Blood Magazine for the forthcoming issue.

For those still not in the loop, this band creates the most awesome hybrid of goth/dance industrial music. They are one of the most refreshing bands to come out of the underground as of late and deserve all the accolades heaped upon them.

The band, whose name is Coven 13 (no affiliation with the club of the same name) will be changing their name to 7 13. The name change represents a "balance" within the band, "Seven" being lucky, "13" supposedly being unlucky. It's a symbol of "the good, the bad, the light and the dark," demonstrating a true equilibrium. The band has a few lineup changes and a new album on its way that will rock you to your Goth-Pagan roots!

The new Nina Hagen "The Return of the Mother" is available at a pretty hefty price tag, but I have to say, it is one her best CD's in years! Nina has gone more towards Hinduism and this reflection is evident in her latest work. If you are a hardcore fan, you just have to have this now. Hopefully it will be domestically released at a more approachable price.

Positive Complex is a New York based band with some of the most delicious sounds. I am quite embarrassed that it took me this long to find out about them. Their work can be found at The music has great dark dance rifts similar to Suspiria and you owe it to yourself to hear this really excellent band.

We have been mentioning it for months, but it is finally a reality. Luminence Films has released America's Most Haunted Town, a documentary about ghosts in New Hope Pennsylvania. The soundtrack includes music from Claire Voyant and Falling You. The video is available for online purchase at The web page also offers some video clips from the film. New Hope is a wonderful town, steeped in history and mystery and it is about time a documentary of this nature was finally completed.

Gothic Beauty Magazine,, the first gothic fashion magazine to go to print, is now available at all Hot Topic stores Issue # 3 will have an interview with the pensive David Holton of Ashengrace Ashengrace previously garnered many accolades for the hit song "Seven." The music ranges from uptempo to entrancing so there is a little of everything for all tastes.

Looking for some updated spooky music to quench your dark ethereal desires? Try some samples from Locura at While many ethereal artists are starting to aim more for a new age sound, Locura maintains the dignity of dark and spooky without sounding cheesy. Check out the song samples on MP3. It's FREE, so what have you got to lose?

Rob Zombie's Movie Horror House of 1000 Corpses, Rob Zombie's feature film debut, apparently has scared away the studio that planned to release it.

Queen on Broadway? "Bohemian Rhapsody." "Killer Queen." "We Are the Champions." Are these Queen songs not the perfect marriage of heavy metal and show tunes?

The infamous New York Gothic Goddess, Mistress McCutchan has begun working the door to a new party on Tuesday nights at Chaos (you know, the old Bank space on Houston Street and Essex!) It's a very eclectic party of electronic, rock, even vintage salsa and is brought to you by a band called the Star People. If you feel like checking it out, you can do so absolutely FREE by just emailing me your name and names of your guests at

New CDs in stock at Digital Ferret 526 S. 5th St., Philadelphia

** Tori Amos tribute featuring Tapping The Vein and Voltaire
** Switchblade Symphony - Sinister Nostalgia featuring remixes by Endanger and Apoptygma Berzerk
** Unquiet Grave 3 featuring Paralysed Age, Endanger, and a Voltaire remix
** Killing Joke - No way back but forward go
** (Wolfsheim) Schiller Mit Heppner - Dream of You - the latest from Wolfsheim; this side project is lighter but still very danceable. This single available in dance remix or chillout remix versions.
** Oomph - Supernova
** Cradle of Filth - Bitter Suites Euro version w/video track
** Rammstein - Links 2 3 4
** Mentallo & The Fixer - Vengeance is Mine
** Fictional - Fictitious (back in stock)
** Duran Duran - Rio - remastered reissue with bonus video tracks
** Pet Shop Boys - Very / Behaviour / Please / Introspective - each reissued with new bonus booklets and bonus 2nd CDs of remixes and B-sides
** Juno Reactor - Masters of the Universe
** Jah Wobble - Largely Live
** Ministry - Greatest Fits
** Schweinstein (back in stock) members of Pig and KMFDM; Japanese import
** Sarah Mclachlan - Remixed (dance floor remixes)
** Apoptygma Berzerk - APBL2000 (Live recording from last tour)
** Proyecto Mirage - Two Tons of Rubble BOX SET
** Pet Shop Boys tribute featuring Cruxshadows, Icon of Coil, Endanger, Cleaner, more!
** Das Ich - Die Propheten ltd. box set (we've got one, and that's it!)
** Marc Almond - Glorious (new single from new album which we also have...)
** Stickers from Bauhaus, Skinny Puppy and Sisters of Mercy

And of course, you can pick up three different version of Rammstein's new album, Mutter (US version, German version ltd. ed. w/poster and glossy booklet, Japanese version w/bonus track) and both new singles at Digital Ferret.

Underbelly The online shop with the greatest service has celebrated its 5th year in business! Check out some of the delightful clothing for men and women and even plus sizes at affordable prices:" is not a crime to be poor, only to dress poorly..."

Tapping The Vein Tells Us:
New Management:
We are very happy & excited to announce that we were recently picked up by the management company, World Entertainment, Inc . They also manage Morbid Angel, The Kovenant and Nile among others. Please visit the site and see what the bands (including us) are up to!

The new full-length album was finished in June has been sent to Germany to be mastered. We are hoping for a September release date. Thanks to everyone that has written and inquired about it. We appreciate your patience!

Tori Tribute:
The Songs of a Goddess, the Tori Amos Tribute album, is available now at for $13.49.

For more info including club addresses and phone numbers, please visit:


Musicians, take note as this handy little site may be of some use to you:

ONSTAGE MAGAZINE is looking for a few good bands for a compilation CD to be released with the October issue launch. They have a distribution of about 25,000. For more information go to:

Tired of Muzak?

The band Pyjama Charm recently had their music selected to replace the awful piped in tunes tht we are forced to endure when put on hold with a company. The music is featured with a plastics company at the moment. One can only hope more companies start to look to for more selections!


Seattle dark-alternative / electronica / industrial rock artists DOLL FACTORY have signed a multi-album deal with the independent Neue Ästhetik Multimedia label, and are currently in the studio working on new material for their as-yet-untitled debut for Neue Ästhetik, slated for release in late 2001.

Renowned for past releases from such underground legends as Faith and The Muse and Das Ich, a current roster including such luminaries as Judith, The Shroud, The Brickbats, Holy Cow, and Funhouse, as publishers of the literary and artistic magazine, The Sentimentalist, and for their acclaimed compilation discs such as `Blackout A.D. ~ Beyond the Ruins' (1988) and `Towards the Sky' (2000), Neue Ästhetik shares a philosophy and working relationship with its roster of artists that DOLL FACTORY members Garrick Antikajian and Chris Roy recognized as a fitting home for their upcoming releases.

"We're thankful to be involved with a label that will allow us to work with the label cooperatively, rather than for them as `employees'," explains DOLL FACTORY co-vocalist and multiinstrumentalist Chris Roy. "It was important to us that we find a label that allows us to pursue our own choices in artistic direction, from the music itself down to the cover art and promotional materials - that we go with a label that hasn't lost sight of music as an art form, and not just another commodity in trade. Neue Ästhetik gave us just that."

While music fans are waiting for the debut full-length disc from DOLL FACTORY to be released later this year, watch for a series of compilation and remix appearances including the already available `The Nature Of Gothic - The Whitby Compilation', available from ; Cleopatra Records' `The Unquiet Grave III', available from ; and several others to be announced over the course of the year.

DOLL FACTORY founding members Garrick Antikajian and Chris Roy have been writing, recording, and performing together for over 12 years, beginning with early incarnations under such names as Crown of Thorns and Guernica. The latter, named for Picasso's epic painting, disbanded within a year following Antikajian's departure from the band in the early 1990's. The two continued with their own music, Antikajian with his own group, KABEL, in the Los Angeles area, and Roy with Guernica and later with his own projects. The pair later rejoined in Seattle to begin work on what would eventually come to be known as DOLL FACTORY. Since the recording of the band's debut, the self-released PREMONITION CD-EP, DOLL FACTORY has been expanding their audience with club and radio play both in their native U.S. and abroad.

For more information contact:
PMB-3396; 10002 Aurora Avenue N, Suite 36
Seattle, WA 98133 USA

Neue Ästhetik Multimedia

The Mp3 band Ikarus was discovered on by an A&R of Sonic Images Records/Earthtone Records and their CD "Touch the sun" was released on 30 th of January 2001 worldwide. The band is also included on different compilations around the globe e.g. Elevation 3 (with Moby, Faithless...); Spirits of the world (with Dead can Dance, Yasue...); Besame; Ambient Northern Lights Vol.2...Even more good news, their song "Praying To Different Gods" is included on the upcoming "The Matrix 2" documentary, which will also be included on the DVD by Warner Bros. For music samples:

The band "I Found God" submitted a song for the movie RAT RACE that is a forthcoming studio release. The producers were asking for some very 70's rock guitar-god sounding stuff, so the band came up with is something that sounds like "Smoke on the Water" had a baby with "Cat Scratch Fever."

DEEP SIX RECORDS has just released a 7-inch vinyl single: one side is their song "Satellite" (check this out - spooky) and the other side is the band's cover of "Symptom of the Universe". Deep Six is a very DIY (independent label) that has a really great, good-hearted grass roots thing going on. Some of their other bands, hardcore as they are, may scare you, but give them a chance. It beats waiting for the next *NSYNC CD. also available at most underground / Mom and Pop-type record stores.

Some web stations have been playing I Found God in addition to their feature on Hidden Sanctuary. Visit for some more sonic rock assault.

Pulsar Bleu has a new song is online "Insomnia," which is slated for a movie score as the opening song. The artist recently signed a nonexclusive deal with raw42 records. As of September 2001 a compilation called "Definitive" will be released and Carpe Noctem is part of it. Pulsar Bleu also has done an online interview with them, which will appear in the near future.

The Changelings have finished their fourth full length CD (2 eps in between) and are shopping around for a label... They will be playing at Dragon con again this year (5th year) and promise to have new mp3s to be posted soon.

Well, that's it for this month. Keep tuning in to all the great bands that are available on line. If you find one that should be given some feature time, just drop me a line care of Legends Magazine and I will certainly check them out! Until next time, be good to yourself. Life is short, but your body has to take you through the entire trip single handedly!

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