REVIEW: In The Nursery - "Hindle Wakes"

By Zubrovka

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Hindle WakesProduced as a soundtrack for the re -release of the 1927 movie, Hindle Wakes, (available from BFI video). "Hindle Wakes marks the point when the present recedes irretrievably into the past. Shot in 1927 from a 1912 stage play by Stanley Houghton. Controversial in its day, the plot offers standard melodrama with a proto-feminist twist. During the town's annual Wakes Week holiday (a time when "the bond slaves of cotton know the ecstasy of freedom"), the working-class Fanny (Estelle Brody) darts off on an illicit vacation with the mill-owner's playboy son (John Stuart). Cue burlesque eye-rolling from her scandalized mother and a rash of intertitles. The wedding is all arranged. The trouble is that Fanny, (a liberated woman before her time), won't play ball."

In The Nursery (ITN) weaves lush piano and light orchestra into a somewhat downbeat fabric. I feel strains of Debussy in it, along with other Classical composer bits. It's not overpowering at all, but I find it stands well sans the movie, which I have yet to view.

It is very subtle and illusionary and carries the listener along, almost imperceptible; or maybe subtle would be a better explanation. In light of it being created as a soundtrack, I can understand the various turns it makes, never quite all that different, with the exception of a Dixieland dance hall piece (Ballroom Sweetheart) that shatters the sound scape and then fades away just as quickly, much like a mild hallucination that leaves you wondering just what it was you saw.

There's just enough non traditional synth in it to keep an interest, working well as it fades in and out. It would make great travel music or to set a calm mood when reading or following one's own creative bent. It is very good.

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