REVIEW: Peter Miller - "The Violet Flame"

By Zubrovka

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Violet FlameEwwwww, this is a good one. Peter Miller grabs you right in the door with the very eurhythmic track, From the Dairy of Madeline Usher. All my life I've had a fear of premature burial," intones the female voice as creaking doors, moans of despair and the click click click of someone walking emerge from the music.

The second track, Johnny Panic is a deeply woven piano mood piece and sets the stage for track 3, Titanica. I can close my eyes with this one and see the huge ship resting on the ocean floor, faint strains of music flowing from its ghost piano amid the depth finder ping and distant roar of the water. Rounded out with voices and a pipe organ dirge, it very well personifies the feeling of death and abandonment.

At Dark's Carnival, I am reminded of how elusive the evil was in the movie Something Wicked This Way Comes. The desire for immortality is once again beckoned with by the mysterious and the perverse. The Haunted Lake... Phew, it makes me wonder if Miller has been out there listening or is this just machinations in his mind? If you've ever spent any time at night alone near water, this one will come home to you. Playing with those sounds, echoes of nameless animals, reaching out to you through the dark. It sends chills down my spine.

Blood and Roses is a gripping, urgent piece. Ever felt someone was following you? This track gives that feeling away. Time to go hide before you are taken... The final track on the CD, Sleepers, is infused with train sounds and voices, very subtle. "You look into your eyes, you will see your will deceiving you..."

Miller has found a subtle way to play on our very basic dreams and fears. The music heightens the effects, "the sound of wind is something people do not understand." And on and on...

Very dark and beautiful, all of it.

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