REVIEW: Wall - "A Slice of Aggressive Apathy"

By Zubrovka

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WallThe dictionary defines apathy as lack of interest in things that generally arouse interest or concern; indifference. I have tried several times to find something "good" in this CD. The guitarist knows his shred and appears well versed in the metal styles of the late 20th century. After listening to a couple of songs I want to throttle the singer, he reminds me of how the lead from the group, Midnight Oil, would sound after ingesting several qualudes and a couple of quarts of beer. Still, the original lyrics are pretty decent!

I try to overlook the sound quality on the CD, try real hard, but then I know it's possible to get good sound from deftly used analog recording equipment set up in a basement, spare bedroom or garage. This sounds like it was slung together with an indifferent attitude, like maybe recorded on a boom box?

Not being content with my observations, I asked my wife, (a true metal head), to give it a listen. She thought it sucked!

I hate to rail against anyone's creative endeavor, but c'mon, a cover of Britney Spears, Oops, I Did It Again? I couldn't stand it when Brit…nay did it and I sure don't want to hear some guy belt it out!

You know, there are some great metal bands out there, Wall isn't one of them. The genre is misleading; sure metal groups do slow ballads, but the synths are too light for the moods the guitars are trying to present. Wall takes the indifference attitude a bit too far and crosses the line between bad attitude and bad taste.

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