REVIEW: G.T. Arpe - "Drum and Drum"

By Dan Century

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Drum and DrumAs someone who greatly appreciates music, I've attempted to create my own music in the past: I've had punk bands, I've performed acoustic comedy shows, I've released a number of mediocre industrial/noise/sound collage tapes and I've remixed songs for friends. Despite the occasional flash of brilliance , for the most part the music I created sucked. Thankfully, for you and mankind in general, I more or less lost my muse and never took full advantage of the Internet (MP3s, Websites) and computers (tracker software, CD-burning) to distribute my music. Unfortunately, a whole lot of people are using this technology to create and share sub par music, and lets face the music folks: there really are very few stars up in the sky - for the most part it's a dark void, absent of talent.

This brings me to the new CD from G.T. Arpe called Drum and Drum. I tried my best to make it through the entire album, but I simply could not. Despite the fact that I can appreciate G.T.'s music on a purely intellectual level, my physical self rejected it like a porcine liver implant. In many ways Drum and Drum reminds me of my own musical experiments:

I was relieved that Is it Really So Strange? was not a cover of the Smiths song. Picasso Was No Asshole borrows from Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers' Pablo Picasso - unfortunately for fans of the Modern Lovers.

I give G.T. credit for trying and having the balls to promote his music, but… well, "if you don't have anything nice to say, stop writing the review and go back to watching TV and drinking White Russians…"

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Post: Tape + CD Records, P.O. Box 14, Boston, MA 02101

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