REVIEW: Diode Fetish - Demo

By Lord Moebius

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Diode FetishDiode FetishHe's Diode. She's Fetish. I'm hard.

I'm seriously grooving to this music. It has all the trappings of sample-arrangement-driven dance music needed to let it sneak in under your radar. And it is strong enough to get your toes-a-tappin.

And it has all the slutty little fetish-driven undertones a growing boy could want! It's sexy. It's sleazy. It's fun and danceable. If this music was a picture I would have spent hours holding it with one hand back in Jr. high. Their 4 song demo is not enough. I want more.

I must admit. I have a fine affection and appreciation of all things fetish, sleaze, bondage, and other such party games. Diode Fetish delivers the sensuality I need when the leather starts coming off.

This group does not play with an image to titillate for album sales. They walk the walk that their music talks. So far they are the only band I've encountered that features pictures of their female lead adorned in Japanese rope bondage and nothing else for promotional purposes.

Spank with your partner, or all by yourself, but do so listening to Diode Fetish.

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