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And away we go. Admittedly, I'm getting to this point in this issue's production this month a bit late, but if I really bust out tonight and caffeinate to properly high dosages by breaking off after every paragraph or so to gulp coffee, I can probably get it out to everyone somewhat on time. One can hardly be blamed, considering the shit those of us had to deal with on the east coast this month. Helluva time here - I feel like I'm working in downtown Kosova. That wasn't meant to be a joke, just an analogy.

Anyway, [gulp], there's a lot of stuff this month. From the minimal cover design by Rev. Daryl Litts that I think came out great to more writer debuts than you can shake a corset at, this should turn out to be a truly amazing issue of Legends Magazine. Also, major thanks and shout outs to Lethe Press (www.lethepress.com) and Only Sorrow (www.onlysorrow.org) for sponsoring of this month's issue. Thanks so much you guys, every little bit helps especially considering I almost forgot to renew the www.legendsmagazine.net domain and some schmecklehead tried to sneak in and take it. Fucker, it's mine MINE mine! I found myself having to dig into my pockets for another pile of cash to renew and still haven't figured out where it's coming from yet. So Lethe and Only Sorrow really came through for me this month.

[gulp] New illustrator Michael Auger this month appears with new writer R. W. Marino (of Genetic Mishap!) with Pick Up the Pieces. Zubrovka offers up a glimpse into Jeff Franzmann's Another Day. Gothpat, Hirez and Lord Moebius join the review team. The Mean Little Column, my own Off the Shelf and MP3: The Music Revolution by Mike Ventarola rounds it out and a pile of reviews combine to create the one hundred and fifteenth issue of what I consider to be the best dark music and literary magazine in the indie scene. And still nobody steps up to challenge our over-a-decade of existence…aww yeah.

Anyway, I'll let you get on with the reading. Enjoy and knock yourself out. Thanks for reading for all these years, keep those sponsors lining up. Bands and labels, wait until next month when we kick out the Music Only Special (sorry Dad)!

Marcus Pan
September 26, 2001

Legends Online