REVIEW: Manorexia - "Volvox TURBO"

By Dan Century

Chain Border

volvox TURBOManorexia is perfect for those moments when you think to yourself: "I need my own hour long soundtrack, because my life is so important and interesting that someone should make a movie about it." Put Manorexia in your CD player, turn up the volume and pretend that you are indeed a star in your very own movie - a movie about yourself.

Seriously, Manorexia is an album of some of the most exquisite and sonically diverse film score music you'll ever hear. At times you'll believe your listening to a full orchestra conducted by John Williams, and a few tracks later the primitive electronic decay of Forbidden Planet by Louis and Bebe Baron.

Granted, a lot of it sounds like Foetus without vocals too.


If you're a fan of Foetus music, it would be a sin not to log on the Internet and pick this up. If you want a copy of Manorexia you have to buy it from the web site. Why? Jim is tired of sharing the pie with music label owners and distributors. Can you blame him?

Contact Information:
Web: P.O. Box 1085, Canal Street Station, NYC, 10013-0862

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