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By Mike Ventarola

Chain Border

An author once wrote that in the big city there are a million stories. This became glaringly apparent all over the world in the wake of the World Trade Center attack. On this fateful day, my order from Middle Pillar had arrived, containing a compilation from Crowd Control Activities called "Funeral Songs." Over the week of non-stop news coverage, this CD was the only homage to provide some sense of solace in the aftermath of tragedy. One particular track, "I Saw You Fall" by Amber Asylum was not only fitting, but also prophetic in its delivery.

It is no exaggeration to say that NYC is not only reeling emotionally, but also financially. Many businesses were hurting already, and now with this new turn of events, they stand to lose much more.

During this time, please avoid the urge to burn copies of music that you could otherwise purchase from shops such as Middle Pillar ( and Projekt Records ( These small Internet shops strive to keep the scene and the music alive. Show your support and purchase your music instead of pirating it.

Other Shops of Interest

A recent visit to Gothic Veils had me scooping up all assorted bat pillows with every type of conceivable design, lace and fabric imaginable. There are quite a number of other great goodies to peruse and purchase. Service was quick, informative and rapidly shipped.

The folks at Wicked Cool Stuff also have some reasonable prices for the collector in all of us. You can find many goth and memorabilia style items, especially things from A Nightmare Before Christmas. Delivery and service was exceptional.

Club Sanctuary Pays Tribute

Club Sanctuary from Sacramento, California posted one of the best tributes to the WTC tragedy that I have seen as of yet. It is a flash program with music that is sure to put another lump in your throat. If you haven't seen it, check it out at

Lycia/Estraya In A Benefit Appearance

It took a tragedy of the magnitude in NYC to get Tara and Mike from legendary Lycia/Estraya back in the spotlight in order to contribute to a benefit show for the American Red Cross. This is the first time they are performing since 1998. It will just be the two of them and an acoustic guitar.

There will be a silent art auction, free refreshments, t-shirts, posters and full-page ads in the Arizona Republic. In addition, the Red Cross will be on hand for the event!

Tara states,

"Due to this week's tragic events, I felt it was necessary to produce an event that will benefit the victims and families of the September 11 tragedy. Following is information regarding the event. If you can't attend, please consider donating in advance to the following address:

c/o Jason Farrell
1431 E. Baseline Road, #20, Tempe, AZ 85283

I assure you that all proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Also, if you would please help promote this event in any way possible, I would appreciate it (i.e. email, websites, word of mouth, etc.). Let me know if you have any questions. If not, I look forward to seeing each and every one of you there. Thanks, in advance, for your consideration and support. Together, we can make a difference!"

Benediction (An All-Ages Musical Event to Benefit the Victims and Families of the September 11 Tragedy)

8 p.m., Fri., September 28, 2001 at Nita's Hideaway, 1816 E. Rio Salado Parkway in Tempe (NE corner of McClintock & Rio Salado Parkway)

Featuring: Soul Whirling Somewhere, Estraya (formerly Lycia) and Audra

A $10 donation to the American Red Cross will be collected at the door of Nita's Hideaway on the night of the event.

Call (602) 672-8792 for more information.

More Music Samples can be found at:,, and

Libitina with a timely release
For the first time, this awesome band from the UK has placed some work on for your enjoyment. The first free single, "WARPAINT", is from their new album and will be available to the public as of Monday 17th September. Please support the band by downloading it from:

In Another Vein
Dark darlings of the Mp3 world, Vein, have been busy remastering all of their songs. In particular, "The Wind - Remastered" was recently placed on their station and the band would like any feedback or comments anyone may have about the quality, but particularly the volume. No this isn't some silly ploy to gain hits, they really would appreciate some feedback. The song can be found at

Nilaihah Records news for Summer/Fall 2001

Nilaihah Records is also pitching in by donating $3 to the American Red Cross for every CD or T-shirt that is ordered from now until Sept 30th. This way you can feel good about ordering music and supporting a cause. Please let everyone know so we can really help as much as possible. Either order through the website at via secure credit card or by printing out the order form and sending in check or money order. So, remember, for the next 2 weeks, $3 will go to the American Red Cross for every item you order.

Fiction 8 and The Azoic would like to thank everyone who helped and came out to the shows in their recent (June/July) tour across the Midwest and East Coast.

If you missed the shows, take a peek at an Azoic video of "Lost" created by Ross Ingle from our recent Phoenix, AZ show. You can download either a lo-fi (1.2megs) or a hi-fi version (8megs) at and check out the bands Per Somnia and Sunless too.

They are currently trying to collect photos for the website from the tour and have posted some new photos at if interested. Please email if you have any more photos to share and include credits for inclusion on the Nilaihah website.

recently released their 3rd CD entitled 'Forward...' on June 19, 2001. It is receiving rave reviews and can be heard at You'll also find many reviews and links to secure online ordering. With remixes by Assemblage 23, Flesh Field, Fiction 8, and Oneiroid Psychosis, what's not to like?

It was even voted CD of the month at Check it out!

Nilaihah wants to know if you would like to hold a CD release party for The Azoic's newest CD? Just email with "release party" in the subject and tell them what date works for you/the club.

Has finished their sophomoric release, 'Reincarnate', to be released in November on Nilaihah Records. It will include all the strong female vocals and dance hooks you've come to love them for, but now they've added strong production (by Lars Hansen of Oneiroid Psychosis and Signal 12) and a slightly darker electro bent than their debut. An amazing collection of songs with emotion, power, drive, and hooks, it's something you'll want to check out. It also contains 2 remixes from Oneiroid Psychosis and Signal 12.

And, soon to be up and running is Dissonance's new official site at (The .mu is for music)

Is busy remixing and being remixed... They are also gearing up for their European release of 'Chaotica' on Cryonica Records this fall. If you don't own 'Chaotica' yet, don't be the last on your block to have this amazing release!

Kristy, owner of Nilaihah Records, recently did an interview for that is now posted on their website. Check out the insightful questions she was asked to hear her view on music and more. Click on the link at

Side-Line Magazine's 'V/A - Venusa XX' double female vocal electro compilation CD is now available on and features both Fiction 8 and The Azoic. A few other artists include Haujobb, Hexedene, Distorted Reality, In the Nursery, La Floa Maldita, Claire Voyant, and Collide. A CD you shouldn't be without!

Also available is 'V/A - Accession Records - Vol. 1' compilation featuring The Azoic - "Progression" remix by Assemblage 23. It's been receiving a lot of club play!

The new website is slowly coming along and the current website is being updated periodically. If anyone is interesting in helping us maintain this ever growing site, please contact with "website" in the subject.

We also need more help with street teams and promotion, so if you're interested, are motivated, and love our music, drop us an email with "street team" in the subject.

This month's contest involves your favorite band on Nilaihah Records, your favorite song by that band, and why it means so much to you. Please email your replies to with "contest" in the subject. The winner, chosen by the bands, will receive 1 free CD or 1 T-shirt of their choice from our catalog: (Check out the new T-shirts!) 3 winners will be chosen and the deadline is Sept 30, 2001. Good luck to all...

In Other Music News

MP3.COM ARTISTS RUSH TO ASSIST VICTIMS THROUGH MUSIC, DONATIONS, COMPASSION; Outpouring Of Help, Suggestions Filled Web Site As Tragic Events Unfolded

VIRGIN-EURO.COM STRIKES BACK: 'IT'S TIME FOR BROTHERS IN BLOOD'; Rushly Restructured, From Tuesday, September 18, link-songs Devoted To The Innocent Victims Families And The Answer To Such Acts Against Humankind, Shall Be Launched

HARD ROCK CAFE NEW YORK BECOMES IMPROMPTU EMERGENCY RELIEF STATION; Accepting Food And Water Donations To Support Ground Zero Operation; Hard Rock Cafe Is Also Donating 60,000 T-shirts

MUSIC FOR HOPE TO ORGANIZE BENEFIT CONCERTS TO HELP VICTIMS AND FAMILIES OF NEW YORK CITY TERRORIST ATTACKS; Due To The Events On The Morning Of September 11, 2001, In New York City And Other Areas Of The Country, Music For HOPE Will Shift All Of Its Resources To Raising Money To Help Assist The Many Families

JUDITH 's third full-length "Play of Light" will also be available on October 9th. This new CD promises to present JUDITH in a completely "new light"...This is really Judith Version 2.0. Blending an updated sound to their own inimitable Alternative/Darkwave Rock Judith will be adding one or two new tracks from the upcoming release in the next week or so. In the meantime, please check out some of the band's demo pre-production tracks on their mp3 site Downloading/Streaming MP3s is a great way to help out bands. Everytime you play their tracks, you are providing them with a most precious resource, CASH. This enables bands to do all sorts of interesting things like touring and releasing new CDs.

**JUDITH will be doing a series of East coast shows at the beginning of October. Thursday October 11 Boston/Cambridge MA at The Middle East w/Holy Cow Friday October 12 New Haven CT New World Church at Tune In Saturday October 13 Providence RI at The Green Room w/Holy Cow Monday October 15 NYC Alchemy at CB's Gallery** More to come...

Check out the new JUDITH interview in the September issue of Outburn Magazine. THE BRICKBATS' "Monster Party" will also be in stock in early October, just in time for all your Halloween festivities. This CD picks up where "Creepy Crawly", (also available from NAM), left off. The one and only BRICKBATS!!

KILLING MIRANDA - Transgression By Numbers will be available from NÄM very shortly. This will be the first US release for the aggro/industrial goth rock band we all know and love.

FUNHOUSE, from Sweden, will be releasing their new "best of" CD entitled "Oceans of Tears" through NAM in October. If you are fan of The Mission and The Cult, this new release is a must have. Funhouse has been ripping up the European festival circuit for a couple of years and it is only appropriate that they are brought to a US audience in all their Rock and Roll Glory.

NAM is very proud to present HOLY COW's latest work entitled "Purge", which appears as our first "Featured Artist Release" on the NEW NAM STORE. This band is the gothic/industrial/alternative's best kept secret, but we here at NAM aim to change that. We also have HOLY COW's first CD entitled "Soul Box". This CD contains some older material that had been previously released on vinyl, and inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. In a word, EXCELLENT! Here is some recent praise for Holy Cow's "Purge" from dj Kirk Nesset:

"What holds "Purge" together, for all its daring variability, is the insistent presence of the synth and synth-altered guitar, as well as Chris Means' charismatic, dramatic vocals; one senses that the show would be astonishing live. Means sounds like a darker, more existential, less melodic Voltaire --not the French author but the goth singer...The lyrics are intense and memorable, and Means' delivery can knock you to pieces. Even the hardest songs on the album are tempered by lyrical vocals, and unforgettable lyrics --as in "Dance of Torture," with its vibrant sampled refrain, "I am someone!" "Purge" offers that humane element we hope for in goth, and in gothic industrial, so often lacking in harder industrial and metal. It's an element that insists we keep an eye on this band."

THE VELVET BOX compilation is still in the midst of production. Some of the artists included are: CYBELE from Norway, FUNHOUSE from Sweden, WISH from Holland, GOTHICA from Italy, CELL DIVISION from Switzerland, along with a special guest from the UK, KILLING MIRANDA. And from the USA, THE SHROUD, JUDITH, LABORATORY X, DOLL FACTORY, THE BRICKBATS, HOLY COW, THE BRIDES and others.

Issue VII of the SENTIMENTALIST MAGAZINE will be out in mid-November, (they still have some advertising space left so if you are interested in advertising e-mail them). Issue VI is still available but is selling fast. For any of those who haven't yet gotten their hands on a copy, this one features:

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with Placebo, Mediaeval Baebes, Lacrimosa, Antony and the Johnsons, Judith, The Changelings, Rhea's Obsession and so much more... You can also listen to frequently-updated Sentimentalist's mp3 radio station soundtrack as you surf the net just click here.

Closed Caskets KUCI Radio
(This refers to the first weekend show after the WTC tragedy.) This show was different from the usual shows, because we played a lot of songs that we felt, in some way, related to the feelings people had about the attack on the WTC and the Pentagon. We hoped to cover a wide range of feelings and attitudes in this show, so that everyone who listened would find some songs that shared their sentiments. Based on the calls that came in, I think we did a pretty good job. Not a lot of requests came in, but we got a few calls from people just sharing how they felt about songs we were playing, or the tone of the show in general. The show was a bit cathartic for me, as well. I don't know about you, but the way the country came together, and how we were able (for the most part) to put aside our petty differences, and stand together as a nation, and even a world, to denounce this atrocity, overwhelmed me emotionally many times. Sometimes, as Goths, we forget that there are other aspects of our lives than just being Goth. We're also workers, artists, and patriots. We may wear a black uniform on the outside, but we are still red, white and blue to the core! I love living in a country where I can be Goth without political pressure for it, and I will have words (and weapons) with anyone who tries to take that away from me! And Mrs. Däch agrees with me 100%!

The Songs:
Nick Cave - The Weeping Song
The Crüxshadows - The Dying Song
Voltaire - God Thinks
:Wumpscut: - War
Apoptygma Berzerk - Non-Stop Violence
Terminal Choice - Armageddon
Lacrimosa - Nichts Bewegt Sich
L'âme Immortelle - Life Will Never Be the Same Again
#And One - Amerika Brennt!
*Illuminate - Dunkellicht
@Contradiction - Stairs
Leæther Strip - Insecure...Me?
Frank the Baptist - On My Tongue
Wolfsheim - Once in a Lifetime
Minimal Compact - Babylonian Tower
Cybershadow - Civilian Tank Dept
Katscan - The Idiot Gene
@Antiworld - Figurative Theatre
Wreckage - Devil's Little Helper
Clan Of Xymox - Creature
@Kiss the Blade - Epitaph
Sleepless - Fall

*=request #=world broadcast premiere @=worldwide exclusive track

As always, if you have any demos, promos, &c., send them to:
Däch, c/o KUCI
POBox 666
Glendora, CA

I am now set up to take .MP3 submissions. Simply drop me an email, and I will let you know where to mail the .MP3's or you can tell me where they're at if you have them up on a website or FTP site. All unsolicited .MP3's, or ANY .MP3's sent to will be summarily deleted before I have a chance to listen to them. This is because of space limitations on my current server.

Archpope Däch & Mrs. Däch, hosts, "Closed Caskets for the Living Impaired" Saturdays 10pm-12am KUCI 88.9FM, Irvine, CA Listen live during the show, or during the week to the recorded MP3 show archives.

Other Setlists from around the world This had to have been the most cathartic episode we've ever done. The whole week, I couldn't think of anything but the tragedy and the coming war...this helped a lot to bring me back to some semblence of inner peace. Just listing the setlist doesn't do it justice. After the Star Spangled Banner, it arcs through the dark, sober tracks (Stereotaxic through Wolfsheim) picked out by the Mystery Dancer to the terribly appropriate VNV. If anyone has heard it, the Blind Vision song (taken from one of the Mystery Dancer's tapes of old college radio shows) had samples of someone sounding a lot like George W. Bush saying "He's not going to get away with this...".

Artist - Song - Album
Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner - Sound Track Recordings from the Film Jimi Hendrix
Stereotaxic Device - Caitanya - 100 Per Day Extinct
Mentallo and the Fixer - Virtually Hopeless - Where Angels Fear to Tread
Project Pitchfork - Doom - Dhyani
X Marks the Pedwalk - Insight - The Killing Had Begun
Wolfsheim - For You I'm Bleeding - Popkiller
Gary Numan - Innocence Bleeding - Exile
VNV Nation - PTF2012 - PTF2012
VNV Nation - Distant (Rubicon II) - Empires
Blind Vision - Vietnam (Nam Redyalc Mix (?))- Near Dark (?)
VNV Nation - Forsaken (Vocal Version) - Solitary EP
VNV Nation - Anthem - Advance and Follow v.2.0
: Wumpscut : - War (Revenge and Nemesis Version) - Born Again
Ravenous - Violent World - Mass Mental Cruelty
Saint James - Ready for War - Ready for War
VNV Nation - Darkangel - Empires
Fictional - Starlight - Fictitious
Laibach - Dogs of War - NATO
VNV Nation - Outremer - Advance and Follow v.2.0
Fortification 55 - Holy War (Live) - Atlantis
VNV Nation - Honour - PTF2012
Controlled Fusion - War - Patient Zero
Bigod20 - America - Steel Works!
- DJ Evil C (with lots of help from the Mystery Dancer)

In the World of SPF1000
First off: Thanks to Club Repent and all of you that showed up for the show last Saturday night. It was a GREAT time. Club Repent recorded the show. Therefore, a live track may be online soon. Second: On October 27th SPF1000 will be performing at the VAMPIRE BAZAAR. Show times and the line up will follow as they become available.

Also coming in October.... The El Capitan in Hollywood is showing "The Nightmare before Christmas" We'd like to all go together and make a huge event out of it. In the mean time SPF1000 will BE RECORDING new material! They should have the new songs available soon.

Well, that's it for this month. In light of the recent tragedy, I can only hope that the people remember to hold on to that portion of their psyche that made them want to help their fellow man and woman. Hopefully this rush to kindness and courtesy won't end after the last sound byte from the WTC tragedy has been taken from our television screens. Be good to yourselves AND to each other.

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