REVIEW: Nomenclature - "Storms In Time"

By Rat Bastard

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Storms in TimeStorms in Time is the first full length release from Nomenclature, a dark rock project based in Long Island, and composed primarily of Bilian Frost and Ron Schecker (formerly of Bell, Book and Candle). Nomenclature blend ethereal/darkwave elements with more traditional rock stylings to create songs which have a high degree of emotion and depth, not to mention plenty of melodic hooks to pull listeners in and keep them wallowing in the maelstrom, enjoying every moment spent there.

The first five tracks best exemplify the ethereal elements of Nomenclature's sound. The processing and layering of the vocals give them an airy, otherworldly quality, which complements well the morose dreamscape painted underneath via synthesizers and guitars. However, the presence of driving percussion also ensures wakefulness amidst all of this atmosphere, and in a few tracks, such as In the Dark, the occasional buzzsaw guitar riffing is thrown in for added dramatic effect at appropriate moments. In summary, Nomenclature crank out plenty of beautiful melodies, but also demonstrate that they know how to pack quite a punch at the same time.

For the final three tracks, the album undergoes a slight aural gear shift, however; They are live tracks, and have less polish than the songs on the first part of the album, with a much more stripped down, standard rock approach to Nomenclature's formula. The vocals and music are a bit dryer, without the extra layering/processing present in the studio tracks, but the production quality is still high, even if the last three songs almost sound like performances from a different band. Misery's Forgotten Son and Remain are fairly straightforward piano-based ballads, while Unreal is a bass-driven rocker, bursting with energy. These tracks lack the ethereal qualities found in the first five, but they do showcase the band's emotional side a bit more.

Anyone seeking a change of pace in the world of ethereal goth/rock really should give Storms in Time a listen, particularly for the first 5/8's of the album. Those who also happen to like slightly more traditional rock and ballad structures will find the remaining 3/8's a welcome bonus.

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