REVIEW: V/A - "Related Textures" v.1

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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Related Textures v.1This is a compilation CD produced by Canadian label Modanti Records. There was not much information given in the sleeve other than band and song names/credits, but you can check their websites, which are listed at the bottom.

Chocolate Grinder: Met You, Answers, Wilde
Female vocals with minimal range, very slow, melancholy and moody music. Perfect for swirly-dancers everywhere or staying in your room to write poetry. Not my cup of tea, but there are many out there who will like this a lot. Out of the 3 tracks, I felt that Answers was the best.

J Mundock: Not Before its Time, The March, Trail That Circles
Not Before its Time has a nice tempo, vocal loops and an interesting basic tune. I pictured goths dressed in their finery marching down a runway for some reason. The March is slower and also features vocal loops. Trail That instrumental that made me think of rolling oceans. Nice. I would pick the third track as the best of the three by J Mundock on this CD.

Desar: Will, No One Knows Anything (bride stripped bare mix)
Will starts with a haunting keyboard sound joined with male vocals, which, at times reminded me a bit of Peter Murphy (not a bad thing). No One Knows Anything caught my attention immediately. The music is quite danceable and will appeal to a wide selection of people. I haven't heard the original, but this mix is excellent.

Mara's Torment: The Naming Ritual, Control (vocal mix featuring Susan Morton), Bits
The Naming Ritual is an instrumental...moody and introspective. Control features vocals by the singer of Chocolate Grinder. The simple musical accompaniment is charming. I actually preferred Susan Morton's vocals here than with her own band. Bits is more of the same (as Naming Ritual); moody, mysterious sounds. Out of the three, I would select Control as the best song.

Lovage: Crystallize
Almost jazzy in feel, this song made me wish there was another song by this band on the CD (though I don't like jazz!). Nice lyrics and female vocals, too.

Black December: Undertow
Very nice. The male vocals reminded me of someone else, but couldn't quite place who. Great lyrics-quite sad. Another band that should have had more than one cut on this CD.

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Post: Modanti Records, PO Box 673, Peterborough, ON, K9J 6Z8, Canada

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