Chain Border

Let's put a fork in this issue and call it done. Next month we return heavy to fiction and fantasy, although of course the music will be there. In the latter vein, we have scheduled an interview with Massiv In Mensch and of course a pile of CD reviews from the likes of Noise Process, Slow Lorries, Chirstopher, Braindance, In The Nursery and more.

For those that missed our fiction this month, expect returns by such dark writers as Eric L. Busby, Sue Simpson and our newest writer from the UK - Logan Russell. Illustrations for these stories have been done (and are being done) by Lee Alverson and Maik Shlundt.

Further on in the future we'll have a debut of our newest reviewers, Azriel J. Knight and pixie. We'll debut a new illustrator, PanGia, and hey, maybe even a color cover again some day! Woohoo!


Marcus Pan
October 28, 2001

Legends Online