REVIEW: V/A - "Blackend White Industrial Music Compilation"

By Marcus Pan

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Blackend WhiteEveryone welcome new label on the block, GMI Independent. Sister label to the newly started RivitHead Records in FL, GMI is also planning on beginning a new magazine called, and for their first issue they may be offering this CD. The Blackend White compilation is very similar in scope to RivitHead's Blackend release, as you can probably tell. This release however stayed strongly in the experimental and darker industrial plane when they assubmled the music for the work. So let's get on with it then…

Dynosaur - Genetic Mishap
Genetic Mishap are the guys that organized GMI Independent and this very CD, so it's only natural to start here. Dynosaur is a mix-it-up experiment that remains rather chaotic.

Death Iz Coming - Doomsday Kult
Very whispering with backing brush-style rhythms. It can be redundant, but remains interesting enough in the make-up to not fall completely to boring. This one is offered to us by Doomsday Kult, probably one of the hardest working bands I've come across.

Don't Waste a Minute - Hideous Input
Track 3 from Hideous Input is a definite highlight to the compilation, switching from the chaotic makeup of the previous two tracks to a grooving, controlled and well put together piece that, while somewhat minimal, holds your attention through it's smooth nature and floaty melodic overtones during vocal breaks. I believe that was a run-on sentence, sorry.

Gunsitter - Two Ton Flood
Two Ton Flood, takes a much stronger EBM stance, touching vocals with some faded metallic vox and keeping a computeresque sliding melody style. But I like GunSitter, even if it's somewhat standard based. It's well done and reminds me of some of the best from groups like Nothing Inside.

Hypertrophy - Reshure
Hypertrophy by Reshure opens with an interesting grooviness to it, occasionally fading into rhythmless sighs and whistle effects. Not overly engaging, but thankfully somewhat short at under two minutes.

Initializing - Defacation Plus
Another under 2 minute track, and is basically a mish-mash of engine and grinding sounds with a slowly growing standard-fare beat track behind it. However, the band name, Defacation Plus, is pretty accurate, as this track is kind of like a dump of sound mixed together with no semblance of musicality.

Jaded - Sanitary Refuse
Here we have a mixture of drum 'n bass at the outset, occasional cynical vocal samples as the song name Jaded implies, and very angry repetitive vocals. Uninspiring at best, including the stock guitar riffs.

One Night Stand (2TFMix) - Hideous Input
Another from Hideous Input, who are clearly showing up all the other bands here with their offerings. One Night Stand is a darkwave track that combines various melodic interludes with quiet, whispered vocals. It's got a nice rhythm, interesting synth work and is awash with key chords that slide in and out just behind the higher pitched melodies. Very well put together, and it grows in form as it moves on, becoming more complicated as you listen.

Broken Teeth (Parallel) - Sanitary Refuse
Track 9 returns to the work of Sanitary Refuse. Again, a drum and bass style makeup here with interlaced spoken word samples, all mixed together in a chaotic manner. More noise-some than musical. Mechanized guitar riffs tear through the track on an occasional basis, just in case you were getting bored.

PreNA (Wah-ChoutMix) - Genetic Mishap
Genetic Mishap offer us a remix of their PreNA track from their release of the same name. Here is an example of the chaos-as-music attempt done well that other bands on this compilation have been trying to attempt (Sanitary Refuse, Defacation Plus, etc.). GM ride the very edge of music, drifting just far enough into the ambient-noise and chaos void to remain interesting. See more on these guys in recent issues of Legends Magazine when we covered their past two full length releases.

The Undead - Doomsday Kult
Doomsday Kult is also a RivetHead staple, creating very complicated and rhythmically moving pieces. The Undead mixes up the compilation with an astounding increase in BPMs and is one of their best darkwave tracks. You can seem more on DDK in recent issues of Legends.

The Fading of Hills and Sunset - Reshure
Suddenly turning moody and exquisitely dark with a low-brow, minimal arrangement, Reshure's second offering on this compilation on track 12 isn't bad. While a bit standard-fare melodically and not quite something new, it's well done if a little bland.

Maze - Defacation Plus
Track 13 is Defacation Plus again, with another badly arranged piece of…well, defacation. Guitars, attempts at rhythm and other things coalesce together into something only vaguely musical, albeit more musical than their Initializing track simply because it has more of a beat. Again, I thank them for keeping it short, just over two minutes.

Wolfkiss (HardKlubEdit) - Two Ton Flood
Wolfkiss is a dance/electronica piece from Two Ton Flood. Interesting, it's still a little bland and has this feeling of "missing something" to give it kick and vigor. But it's not bad at all, it's somewhat decent for what it is - a dancefloor, moody-styled electronica song.

And then there's the bonus hidden track - which I tend to believe is the drunken Genetic Mishap guys fucking around in the studio to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner. Well, hell, if they can remake the Chickendance, who's to say they can't mess around with this one, eh?

The Blackend White comp. is interesting and has a few really fine gems (Hideous Input most notably). There are a few tracks that I could have done completely without, but it's a good example of the very experimental side of industrial and darkwave music. Good for those that like it raw.


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