REVIEW: Byfist - "Adrenalin"

By Dan Century

Chain Border

AdrenalinEven if Byfist was the lamest wrinkled sack of poseurs on the planet I would have to give them a good review for their press kit alone. Their logo, an armored fist ramming through the cover of the press kit, reminds me of a thousand metallic doodles I myself crafted on many a middle and high school notebook. The press kit is bound in a blood red transparent colored plastic binder, the kind you would submit your high-school English reports in. Every thing about Byfist, both their press kit and the brutal, punishing metal they forge, reminds me of high school - way back when I could beat you, and deservedly so, with a ball-peen hammer, and not go to jail because I was still under age.

Byfist is the type of raw savage metal that makes me want to drink Jack Daniels, smoke cigarettes, smash TVs and drive like a jackass! Sure I do all that already, but now I have a soundtrack to drink, smoke, smash and drive to. I ask you, how can you go wrong with song titles like Eternal Damnation, Meltdown and Left To Die?!? Every drum beat is like the pounding of a thousand demon's hooves! Each solo is like the screams of Valkyries! Each bass riff rumbles like an awakening volcano, and every brutal guitar riff is like rounds of depleted uranium fired from a M61A1 Vulcan cannon! Vocalist Vikk Real sings like a Viking warrior leading his troops to war - and VICTORY (victory screamed in falsetto)!

I love this kind of music because it makes me feel young again! I feel like I could take on the world! I could mow the lawn in under ten minutes and drink every last bottle of my old man's Shiner Bock (if he drank Shiner Bock).

Pure shredding brutal METAL is alive and well in Texas. If you're in the San Antonio area and you want a raw dose of American steel, go see the band called Byfist!

Post: SABA Records, P.O. Box 1098, Helotes, Texas 78023
Phone: (830) 510-6994

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