REVIEW: Darkness Enshroud - "Totentanz"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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Darkness EnshroudUnusual packaging...well thought out...aesthetically pleasing...but what about the most important thing - the music?

I wasn't so sure if I would like this at all. The description given was "dark ambient" - not a genre I am particularly into.

The group consists of two people: Michael Ford and Shanna LeJuene (who joined Michael on the second Darkness Enshroud album Unveiled Ghostly Shadows). Michael currently is involved with Valefor and Psychonaut and Shanna has a solo release called Nythra.

Basically, it is a side project of Michael Ford who is in an occult metal group, Black Funeral. This is the third release under the name Darkness Enshroud which was mastered by Barry Galvin (Mephisto Walz/Christian Death).

Track listing and thoughts:

Totentanz...a good possibility for a goth club's ethereal set.

Immortal Manifestation (Finsternis II)...lovely use of church-like organ sounds mixed with echoed female vocals.

A Hymn to a Melancholy Angel...horror film background music, very atmospheric and evil.

Mirror of Nekalah...didn't care for this too much.

TotentanzThe Stars Align to Dispel Equality...strong tune with organ, vocals are moody and introspective.

Age of Blood and Fire...edgy melancholy.

A Rose Upon a Coffin...I didn't like this very much.

Transference of Aeonic Energies...very industrial sounding-I was reminded of the factory sounds on the soundtrack of Eraserhead more than NIN, though. I thought this was the best song on the CD, probably because of the film reference.

If you have an interest in occult metal or dark ambient music, then this is the CD for you.


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