REVIEW: Dawn Desiree - "Dawn Desiree"

By Mike Ventarola

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Dawn DesireeThe Fossil Dungeon is the brainchild of the Riddick Brothers of The Soil Bleeds Black fame. Among the label's new releases is the enchanting Dawn Desiree, a young lady with an amazing soprano voice coupled with expert piano and keyboard skills. The vocals are accompanied by piano and keyboard almost exclusively, thereby making the tracks rather crossover friendly for even pagan goths. Desiree was previously known for her vocal work in the atmospheric metal band, Rain Fell Within and now ventures forth with this showcase for her talents, demonstrating her penchant for moving, love-lost poetry.

Dreams is a simple vocal and piano track, which has a crossover proclivity that would even garner fans of opera. Desiree utilizes her vocals to the fullest, providing all the power in her young voice. Where Are You Now continues with the piano & operatic flavor. This song would probably have been better placed further down, as the similarity in the styles from the first track manages to somehow negate the beauty of each until you have listened to the CD for a few times to become enmeshed in the poetic beauty.

While I Lay Here, is a major gem which incorporates multi-layered vocal choruses, harking to a bygone era while still transporting the listener into the modern day moment. In essence, it is a timeless track that would have played well 100 years ago, and most likely will be that way 100 years from now.

My Eyes Are Closed carries the emotion and mood with the utilization of harpsichord sounds and reverberated vocals. This provides a melancholy snapshot almost gleaned from a moment locked behind a castle wall. Thy Painted Garden delivers haunting Celtic somberness that is sadly too short, but delightful nonetheless.

Desiree has a rather wide operatic octave range, which is sure to bring her much recognition as one of the best "newcomers" to the gothic ethereal genre. To some untrained ears the operatic vocals may be a bit disconcerting in light of the minimal instrumentation available, however, those who find much solace in the soothing and healing power of the female voice will glory in this endeavor. This 5 song EP has a limited pressing and is worth investigating simply for the enchantment that Desiree is surely going to be providing on future releases.

This CD is packaged in an oversized 5x7" sturdy plastic sleeve with a beautifully colored trifold insert that is quite novel and space saving on the shelf. DJ's around the globe will be thrilled with this design for its functionality.


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