REVIEW: The Flying Dutchman - "Trip to the Core"

By Zubrovka

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Trip to the CoreI don't know the genre of this and it doesn't really matter. Electronic I guess, except that like others that I have listened to recently, there are lyrics interspersed with the sounds. Some are sampled or voiced over, not really carrying the tune, but actually clashing against it.

And then I experienced Trip to the Core. You don't just listen to this once, you have to play it over and over. Then you can let it flow around you like background noise; well that is until you catch yourself moving with a track or mouthing the words. Then you sort of realize the worth of the production, the way it seeps into your consciousness. The Flying Dutchman is Hanyo van Osterom, Ciska Ruitenberg: vocals, Edwin de Herder: guitars.

Not What It Seems comes on with a rolling deepness and sampled sounds, but the lyrics really grab you too. Ciska Ruitenberg speaks with her delicate deadpan voice, "in my sleep you can say I say the weirdest things but you don't know half the things I see when I'm awake." Imaginal Sculpture picks up the tempo, a driving drum beat with some really weird voice and sound samples.

Music, Money, Lawyers produced from a message off an answering machine and blended into a mix of screaming guitars and Ciska Ruitenberg moaning her own intoned version of the message, entertains you, gives a visual. If You Got A Reason somehow reminds me of something funky done in the 1970's, like Country Joe and the Fish, thrown in an acidic blender.

Music For Zen Radio has an ethereal quality to it as it flows into an almost mainstream jazz sound, with just a hint of bent notes and weirdness in the background, the piano and brass ensemble sounds layered over a guitar wah sound. Big Iron Whales talking about fascination with ships in an almost erotic tone, wailing guitars and female moans interspersed with more of Ciska's clear lyrics. It bumps you along, I swear.

Strange Planets cuts loose with an immersion of synth samples leading to a drum cadence, almost military and then fades back in and out. Ciska sings again and the noise is actually comforting against the backdrop of sounds. The guitar is almost Hendrix like, wailing and silence. La Luna La Bella arrives in syncopation synth funk, replete with horn ensemble. Rare Thing (Poison Mix) stretches vocals and sound and then hurls a driving beat at you as Ciska sings and moans and echoes. Male voice samples blend in with the synths, then fades.

4th World Theater smoothes synths and beat, capped off with really strange strings, sort of a bazaar like sound, very exotic. To The Core falls and crawls back to you in a waterfall of strings and earthy sounds, then there is sort of a gypsy feeling to it as Ciska's lyrics swirl around you. And then it heavily comes on with multiple voices wailing "to the core..." Trip To The Core is a very human sampling of sounds with a machine background, a high pitched whine and then a weird sort of wailing dropping in and out. Metal doors swing on rusty hinges and a beat comes on in a purposeful bent. It makes me feel sad and good. Very odd to cross those emotions together.

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