Editor's Notes

Chain Border

We're taking the cheap route this month with a black and white cover since I'm dayjob hunting right now. Also, you probably noted that this month is all music. We're trying to catch up on submissions, which have been heavy. We might consider doing this again in the future if this issue goes well.

This month we have a feature exclusive interview with New York's Voltaire, done by Rat Bastard when they got together at the recent Convergence festival in New York City. You might know Voltaire's work both in art and music from MTV, and two releases from Projekt Records with a third to come. Also, I present another interview with Psyche, and we spend some time talking about their music including an upcoming CD from ArtOfFact Records.

Also, over twenty full length reviews. The Mean Little Column and Mike V's MP3 column appears along with my Off The Shelf book review series. So have at it.

Marcus Pan
October 28, 2001

Legends Online