REVIEW: Laurent Brondel - "Weld"

By Zubrovka

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WeldFirst song out and I was about to dismiss this CD as techno dance. Everyday starts out with that techno trance prefabricated sound. Then it creeps in on you, a female voice speaking in and out and the synths, begins to get a little heavier and I get pulled in, deep.

Then it gets downright trippy with the voices in Somatic Propeller. It's haunting and heavy and sets you up for Cotton Candy; "all these things, I have to do, having a good time, know what I mean?" intones a sexy voice. Interesting piano background here adds sort of a theatrical twist with the dialogue.

Confused starts low with a metallic sound like turning metal against metal slowly, with low synths and dramatic piano, sort of a dirge and I catch a hint of 80's electronica; something along the line of Soft Cell. All wrapped in a very offbeat drum cadence. Stay follows along with an almost funeralesque organ, acoustic guitars and a dreamy female voice droning "stay…" It has a sublime mystical mood about it.

Atomatic Lover jolts you awake with a steady slow beat and low synths, very abstract stuff here that seems to work. Bits and pieces of other sounds blend and voices, then a soft jazzy piano, for a moment, in and out. Very erotic in a soaking way. 21 Century Lounge comes on as almost soft wandering jazz, very demanding and smooth, but those voices, man they sort of engulf both channels in the background. It's downright haunting and it's very good. Seductive.

Mental Intruder; sort of a trippy experimental jazz, breaking glass, great beat and then it just rolls on out in a canvas, like an orchestrated madness. No Time To Die Here throws out a very syncopated but smooth sound that falls away to abstractness of sounds and then comes right back up to a smooth center, then falls away again. No Time To Die There, the second in what I think must be a trilogy of connected sound/thought, comes back with the same basic song in a lighter tone with a heavier drum cadence. No Time To Die Anywhere carries the theme on in a wilder drum and the sound is just wild like vibrating a tin sheet, synths, sort of 70's style reminds me of early Pink Floyd or King Crimson.

Semi-Automatic Vibrator comes back to trippy techno trance, a lot lighter than the previous at first with woodwind sounds and suddenly this guitar blazes in, Robert Fripp like, and steals the lightness followed by a fast bass, Stanley Clarke style, that blends back to the Fripp like guitar and carries the fast beat and synths along. Very impressive. Odd slicing sounds, slicing my brain...

Death Machines ends it with a heaviness, the bent is industrial trance, with male voice over. "We are becoming ever increasing sophisticated death machines," intones the voice. The percussion, a steady hard beat, but I find the synth work amazing, blending in and out of that beat as it does. The voice over carries it out to the end.

A lot of different styles are embraced in Weld. I am impressed with the Jazz Fusion and Acid Rock overtones. It works well as dance music too.

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