REVIEW: Locura - "10 Song DemoLITION"

By Rat Bastard

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LocuraLocura is a female-fronted electronic band from Melbourne, FL. They are quite difficult to pin down into any particular genre, but they combine elements of rock, ethereal, industrial, and whatever else they feel like tacking on. Oddly enough, despite the wide range of influences, Locura do have a cohesive sound, driven by very prominent and atmospheric synth melodies that dance alongside equally prominent (and oftimes quite groovilicious) basslines while Queen Mary's slightly processed vocals twist between and around them. Of course, there is percussion in the mix as well, providing the obligatory supporting role.

LocuraThe first several tracks, like October (which almost feels like lounge music... if your lounge happens to have been ripped from the mind of Clive Barker and caters to the legions of Hell) and Ready Right Now, feature very in-your-face keyboard melodies while the bass and percussion strike from underneath. However, by about midway through the demo, the bass leaps into the front seat and drives this car home on tracks like The Damned and Take. The vocals share control on a constant basis throughout, maintaining their usual haunting, hypnotic, and exotic qualities.

Unfortunately, "hypnotic" can be applied as a criticism as well. Like a group of master hypnotists, Locura have the uncanny ability to make me forget all about them after the listening experience is over. That's not to say that they aren't talented, or that they don't have great potential, but that, simply put, their songs, overall, aren't engaging or interesting enough to fully suit my tastes over a long term period. The CD sounded great for the first few listens, but there isn't enough depth to prevent it from a quick and inevitable trip to the dust collection sector of my music collection.

Of course, this is merely a demo, and it does establish that Locura does have some good ideas, and the ability to implement them. Time will tell how well they develop them in future releases.


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